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People Are Obsessed With Fluffy Poodle Who Looks Like A Human-Faced Curly Potato

I'd liked to think that I'll never become jaded about cute animals. I mean, my job involves looking at and writing about them, so there's always a chance that I may just grow bored with it.

And that would be so sad!

Thankfully, the internet is very good at proving that I will never see every cute animal possible and I still stumble across ones that make my voice raise an octave with a "d'aww!"

Exhibit A: A tweet by @pacoromane sharing a quartet of photos showing what appears to be a smiley, curly potato.

Of course, it's actually a poodle named Kokoro, who has been groomed into a particularly round hairstyle that makes her look thicc.

Hard to say how chubby she might actually be, but I have a poodle-mix at home and he needs a smaller collar after a haircut.

His full-grown curls are just that thick.

I could watch Kokoro walk all day. She's just so fluffy!

What added to Kokoro's viral stardom is that the face hiding under those curls is very human-like.

Instagram | @kokoro_official

Like a lot of dogs thought to have "human faces," Kokoro is light brown and has more of the whites showing around her eyes than most dogs.

With many dogs, that makes them look slightly unnerving, but it somehow just makes Kokoro more relatable.

Instagram | @kokoro_official

Maybe because we have all looked at food the way she does and her rounded curls hide her doggy body. When she sits, her round bottom could just as easily belong to a sulky, chubby toddler.

When the original tweet went viral, it wasn't long until WeRateDogs spotted her.

That is a well-earned 14/10, Kokoro!

If you'd like to follow Kokoro's adventures, you can do so on Instagram @kokoro_official.

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