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Fans Have Officially Determined The Best 'Big Bang Theory' Episode Of All Time

Picking your favorite episode of your favorite show can be so difficult. Usually there's lots of favorite moments in a ton of episodes, especially when the show has as many episodes as The Big Bang Theory does.

However, fans were able to do it, and were able to come to an agreement on the best episode of all time.

*The Big Bang Theory* is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

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While diehard fans love pretty much every episode (and what is there not to love?), everyone has to have their favorites, which is why when the official Big Bang Theory Instagram page held the HBO Max Games where they got audiences to vote on their favorite episodes, tournament style, it was a heated battle.

It took a while, but it was eventually narrowed down.

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Eventually, from a list of sixteen episodes, the top two were chosen.

Nimoy Napkin where Penny manages to get an autographed napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy to an ecstatic Sheldon, and Ball Pit Bazinga where Sheldon hilariously pops up and goes back under in a ball pit shouting his classic catchphrase.

It was a tough call.

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"It has to be the Nimoy napkin. It was Sheldon's first hug to Penny! A hug!" one commenter wrote, while another argued, "ballpit, hands down one of the best scenes in the show!"

How do you pick between the emotional high of the napkin and the hilariousness of "bazinga"?!

*Ball Pit Bazinga* won!

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It must have been a very close call, but Ball Pit Bazinga came out on top.

Do you agree with the fans, or should Nimoy Napkin have taken home the biggest prize? Maybe a totally different episode all together? Let us know in the comments below!