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'Dunkabroos' Beer Made With Cookies And Sprinkles Is The Adult Version Of Dunkaroos

When you think back on your childhood and remember your favorite snacks, what comes to mind? For me, it's 100% Dunkaroos. Those little cookie snacks with funfetti frosting used to make every lunch period the absolute best. Luckily, my mom was nice enough to buy a bunch of packs for me. But, I'd go through them like they were going out of style. Good thing I did, because trying to grab some today is tough!

As an adult, we all crave that nostalgia of our childhood.

Having the cookie-frosting combo and sitting back on our couch is a dream we all want to come true. But, what if I said that you can have the adult version of Dunkaroos — with alcohol?!?

Martin House Brewing has made all of our wildest dreams come true by introducing "Dunkabroos."

The brewery located in Fort Worth, TX has been coming up with unique and creative ways to make beer a bit more fun by combining some of our favorite treats with alcohol.

Dunkabroos is made to taste just like our all-time favorite snack.

The beer is brewed with cookies, vanilla cream, lactose, and sprinkles! It's literally like drinking an entire Dunkaroos snack in a can. And, it's got an 8% ABV! Cheers to that, right?

If that's not enough to get you going, the company has even more delicious snack beers, too!

Martin House Brewing has some geniuses that work for them, because they have been coming up with unique and fantastic combos — even Flaming Hot Cheeto brews. I love this place!