16+ Designs That Add Some Spice To Life

From outdoor features, to home decor, to hang-out spots, we all like to know or find something cool we can show off to others (yes, I said show off. You can admit it. It's okay).

This list is just full of 'em! Clever designs to impress and amaze, and really make life a little more interesting.

"The golf balls at the mini golf on this pier are biodegradable and fall into the sea at the 18th hole."

Reddit | gostoney

At least this way I know where it's going. When I was a kid, I thought they just vanished forever at the final hole.

"This unicorn picture is different in the mirror."

Reddit | scsilly

Not only is this cool but it's the greatest piece of bathroom decor I think I've ever seen.

"My math teacher has a stamp of his face that he uses on people’s tests if they do well."

Reddit | WildSlothMan

I love this because it's like, "Congrats! You did so well, you get to see my face again!"

"This restaurant near my house uses concrete sewer pipes for outdoor seating."

Reddit | mrcortado

I'm glad that first one has a fan in it because I was about to comment on how hot these things must get.

"This ball made of honey which you can drop in you [sic] tea."

Reddit | awusuwah

This is probably the closest we've gotten to those "food pellets" that cartoons about the future would always include.

"My newspaper came with 2 printed pattern pages to wrap presents."

Reddit | PlanetGG

Environmentally friendly, cute designs, and saves you money! Triple win!

"This doggy house entrance one of my clients built."

Reddit | Les-Grossman

Does this increase the value of the house seeing as you're adding like, one-sixteenth of a second house?

"My colleague has a micro-fiber cloth to clean his glasses stitched under his shirt."

Reddit | Zedevile

This is brilliant but I think I'll just continue to use the nearest piece of fabric I can get my hands on. I'm lazy.

"New set of sheets came with a handy little pocket."

Reddit | ThePlayfulPytho

The remote is a good use but I'm envisioning midnight snacks. No more half-asleep walks to the kitchen!

"My local laundromat is also a bar."

Reddit | kskuzmich

Doing laundry is one of the most dull activities in the world so this is a great way to spice it up.

"The hospital my wife delivered at gives you a kit so you can have a 'birth day' party."

Reddit | Richey4TheStars

You get to celebrate your new baby and you get to eat all the cake!

"This old manual gave instructions on how to misuse the product."

Reddit | TheGreat_Danton

Some people really want to and if they do, that's their prerogative. They should know how bad a shock is.

"This sparkling water is in a plastic bottle with an aluminum top."

Reddit | ThunderingSnacks

Everything about this feels wrong. Not normal to look at, worse for the environment, contains sparkling water.

"Skeleton bike that I photographed."

Reddit | NutellaOreoReeses

I love how there's no story presented with this bike. It just looks amazingly tacky for the sake of it. That being said, anyone know where I can get one of these?

"Japanese book for children that includes a blacklight."

Reddit | l82daparty

There are apparently ghosts hidden all over this book but I'm really in awe of that chef who's really into whatever he's making.

"T-rex tacos!"

Reddit | big-beandude

I need a set of dishes that's just this. T-rex plates, pterodactyl bowls, triceratops forks.

"This mousepad is a tiny carpet."

Reddit | jakob_schlakob

Fancy and functional... Also, it really ties the room together.

"This water fountain lets the water flow down so dogs can drink too."

Reddit | rubenmelon

Dogs, squirrels, toddlers, you if you feel like drinking down there for some reason... It's for everyone!

"This plug is designed to go around other plugs."

Reddit | Tweedie2014-

I know these things are somewhat known/common at this point but it's still peak design. Goes around other plugs and it's flatter so the cord doesn't get bent? Genius.

"This tentacle door handle."

Reddit | KluntFertberge

It's all "wow, so cool" and "neat doorknob" until that thing just latches on to someone one day.

"This swing lets the kid and the parent ... swing together."

Reddit | Bearat

Good! It's not just kids who deserve to have fun at the park. Parents do, too!

It becomes less the "Wide Awake Coffee Co" and more the "Still Half-Asleep But Trying To Cut Caffeine Consumption Coffee Co."

Reddit | Thine_Sloth

But it's nonetheless appreciated because these are definitely two things you don't want to mix up.

"The way my headphones' USB charger is designed so it plugs in correctly whatever direction is facing."

Reddit | UnkownC3rial

You're telling me this has been possible the whole time and it's not standard?

"This cologne bottle looks like a cleaning product."

Reddit | diggydeez

Leaves you smelling nice and feeling weirdly clean.

"These cups are designed so you can carry several at the same time."

Reddit | soulrelic616

Finally, a product made specifically for my clumsy, poorly balanced self.

"This pocket knife looks like a crab."

Reddit | grip_garrison

I love that this has no practical use. It just looks like a crab for fun. The whimsy of it all.

"The cup holders in my truck appear to be designed for mug handles."

Reddit | DefinitelyWin

I will never have the confidence to drink out of a mug while driving but this is still handy for those who do.

"Had a volunteer help me make these stools out of our discarded books for new library seating."

Reddit | hcherie92

One of my passions in life is creative methods of recycling, like this! Imagine being able to just pull a new book to read right from under you.

"My kitchen floor has a built-in cooler."

Reddit | melisage

I have to ask what this accomplishes that a freezer or fridge wouldn't. Also, I can already feel it destroying my back to use.

"This soda machine at a local restaurants has local sodas instead of Coke products or otherwise."

Reddit | CamusRhodium

Some fun variety, supporting local businesses, and getting a sweet class of soda? Sign me up!

"This McDonalds has a 'drive-thru' for boats."

Reddit | peter_the_meter

I've never wanted a boat more than I do right now, just so I can use it at the McBoat.

"My local dentist has a ceiling 'Where's Wally?' for patients during appointments."

Reddit | mtmannion

My old dentist had a TV in the ceiling that would only play news channels. This is way more fun.

"My pencil has seeds on the tip, so when it's too small to use it you can plant it and a tree will grow out of it."

Reddit | ImFreakingAlefi

I love these little plantable items. I would never be able to keep the flowers alive but they're cute concepts!

"The B&B I stayed in had a 3D version of Clue."

Reddit | sudokuninja

Now this is game immersion! It's also incredibly fancy for a board game. The luxury of it all.

"My milk has good advice printed on the side."

Reddit | PancakePie37

Sometimes we get advice from the weirdest places but that's where it can matter the most, too.

"This guitar has a wheel to try out different pickups."

Reddit | the_plantman_cometh

Like a lazy Susan but for guitar aficionados! Buy one for yourself and switch pickups in the middle of shows.

"My hotel room had a white noise machine installed in the wall."

Reddit | sublimeman40

I adore sleeping with white noise, so this is genius to me. Can I get one installed right in my bedroom?

"This car had a giant lego engine cover."

Reddit | SupermotoArchitect

I was going to say this might be the only Lego one could bear to stand on but I don't think anyone should be standing on their engine.

"The house I partied at had a water fountain."

Reddit | BCKhXc

If you just want a little sip of water, you don't want to get out a whole cup that you'll have to clean! Plus, drinking right from the faucet makes you feel like a dog so this is the perfect solution!

"This sexy classic car had a matching trailer."

Reddit | tortugaborracho

It looks great and no one will want to steal it since it'll be very easily spotted. Actually, is trailer theft even a thing?

"This old car wash had been remodeled into a drive-through convenience store."

Reddit | NauvooMetro

I don't even have to get out of my car to make my corner store run of an energy drink and a pepperette? Now this is the future.

"I covered a door in mirror paper squares and now it looks almost like some sort of portal."

Reddit | SketchySandwich

This would be a fun decoration to put up before hosting a party. See how many people you can trip up.

"My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water."

Reddit | Dom_wpc

Someone in the comments identified the park this was in and said his dog uses it all the time to get out after going swimming, so it serves the whole community!

"A mug in the shape of a dented plastic cup."

Reddit | JhonnyTheJeccer

I appreciate the novelty, but aren't you just getting less drink this way?

"A house I worked on today had an amethyst geode as a sink."

Reddit | Silas8350

It's gorgeous and unique until you cut the hell out of your hands one time, then you've gone and triggered a curse by bleeding on this magic stone.

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