14+ Moments That Make Us Go ‘Was That On Purpose?’

There are a lot of strange coincidences and downright weird occurrences that happen on a daily basis, that can leave us wondering whether they were intentional or not?

And, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these funny 14+ moments that make us go, "Was that on purpose?"

"What are the chances?"

Reddit | arg6531

I mean, actually it is quite easy to work out the chances of this happening based on the number of letters and such, but I'm not going to do your math for you like some big nerd!

"KFC doesn't even have to try any more, they're just like "Come get your bucket!"

Reddit | TatumStrangely01

I mean, they know that if you're in the mood for a bucket of chicken that you're going to go to KFC! They don't need to try really, do they?

"Well, I know where I'm getting murdered..."

Reddit | MaxIsNotADolphin

I mean, surely the only reason anyone would ever open something as terrifying as a "Clown Motel" would be to murder people, right?

"I bet the person that came up with my school's Epilepsy Awareness Walk's catch phrase is quite pleased with themselves."

Reddit | emanbbrock

I mean, they're clearly trying to do something for a good cause, but they're coming off as a little insensitive, to say the least!

"Oddly informative sign at hospital."

Reddit | TheLinksOfAdventure

Well, I think that the only way to find out what that mysterious liquid is, is to lick it. From my experience, it's always good to lick things in hospitals!

(Disclaimer: Please don't lick things in hospitals... seriously!)

"With a name like that she never stood a chance."

Reddit | Intplmao

"Now, for the last time, are you sure that you want to name your child that?"

"Jesus Christ, yes! Stop asking!"

"I just feel like I need to impress upon you how bad of a choice you're making..."

"The electrical section is oddly sexual!"

Reddit | Broth-God

Looks like this DIY store needs to chill out! Each time I read another one it gets even more thirsty, buy me a drink first electrical section, jeez!

"My office is a fun place."

Reddit | srivats2

I loved MGMT as well, but I had no idea they were such tyrants when it came to candy bars!

(Wow, did I seriously just make an MGMT reference? What is this, 2007? Christ I'm old.)

"That's an odd combination of specialties."

Reddit | sheikhyerbouti

Hmm, now that is one hell of a weird business model that you've got there Gary. Although, there's no one else offering these services so specifically, so you might be able to corner the market!

"Coworker thinks her husband doesn't take nice pics of her. This is his contact photo for her."

Reddit | bloopboopboo

Wow, he has really gone out of his way to make everyone think that his wife is completely insane here! That cat also looks remarkably chill about being upside down.

"Still wondering whether he did this on purpose or not."

Reddit | HogNutsJohnson

If he needs to nip for a bathroom break, at least he can just pop the high vis and earpiece on the statue and sneak off for five minutes!

The Ultimate Baby Carrier!

Reddit | sebin

"Dave, are you ever going to cut your hair?"

"No, I've got a plan where it'll come in handy!"

"You've been saying that for years."

"Just you wait until I have a kid!"

"So my campus and a suicide awareness and prevention day... this is how they decided to advertise it."

Reddit | KBid-1998

I can only pray that they didn't do this on purpose, as if they did, then that is the darkest joke I've seen for a long time!

"I thought it was weird someone put tape over the sign..."

Reddit | ayeayekane

What they aren't telling you is that someone put the tape on the sign first, and as opposed to just peeling it off, someone painted all of the cows like that.

"Where will you be when debt hits?"

Reddit | Barnitz

There is that moment when you get your degree when you stand there, stare at the piece of paper, and think of all the money you've spent on it. It's a real moment of existential dread.

Getting The Wrong Cushion...

Reddit | Darren-Foster

This person explained, "Ordered a custom sequin pillow as a gag gift for my brother [...] company switched up the orders [...] which means the person who receives mine is going to be infinitely more confused than I was."

"It's Become Self Aware!"

Reddit | X_zenith_X

In fairness, if buildings could talk, then a cinema is the last type of building that I'd want to have a conversation with. I don't know why I had that thought, I just did!

But... Why?

Reddit | thatfourthpresident

Did they buy the car just so that they could make this joke? I genuinely can't think of any reason why anyone would actually buy one of these monstrosities?!

"Nice try, Pennywise."

Reddit | soManySparkles

Pfft, Pennywise thinks that he's so slick but I ain't falling for it! I'll find another, more clownless, storm drain to throw my offspring down thank you very much!

"A scene from an Indian TV show."

Reddit | TheTallLebowski

I didn't realise that Scotch Brite bathroom scrubbers could be used for that! Is there nothing that Scotch Brite bathroom scrubbers can't do?!

(Oi, Scotch Brite, I did the plug, now give me some more free bathroom scrubbers!)