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The Cuban Tody Is A Tiny, Colorful Gem Of A Bird

Sometimes, I find a really interesting bird that I want to feature, but I need to dig a little bit to find really good pictures of it for an article.

Other times, I see a random, beautiful pic of a bird without any context at all and I make it my mission to figure out who that little lovely is.

That was the case with this pic of a Cuban tody, which was anonymously shared on a random Facebook group.

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I had to know if that bird was real and if it was actually as colorful and bright as the photo showed it as being.

Good news: it totally is!

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The Cuban tody is a round little bird with a head that's unusually large for its body. They grow to be only about four inches from beak to tail and weigh only two ounces.

As the name suggests, these little dudes are found in Cuba and their coloring helps camouflage them among flowering plants.

They eat mostly insects, but will also supplement with fruit and even small lizards. Unlike some bird species, they are very adaptable and can be found in pretty much any habitat around the nation.

Cuban todies are tamer than most wild birds and are happy to say hello to humans who come near.

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Though they aren't currently endangered, some concern has been raised about the use of certain pesticides possibly resulting in future population declines with more research needed.

h/t: The Birds of Cuba by Aubrae Latta, Penn State, eBird

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