10+ Movie Moments That Were Incredibly Smart

A movie does not need an Oscar to be considered brilliant or captivating.

While it certainly helps, some movies earn praise for their ability to leave viewers in complete awe.

This often comes from moments of sheer brilliance, as shown in this list of 10+ of the smartest movie moments ever.

Did your favorite make the cut?

1. The bird's feather in *Forrest Gump*:

Wendy Finerman Productions

When Jenny was a child, she would pray to God to turn her into a bird so that she could "fly far, far away" from her father.

While she tragically died at the end, her presence wasn't gone completely.

That is because a bird's feather appeared next to Forrest's shoe when he sent their son off to school.

He also saw a flock of birds when he went to visit Jenny's grave.

Such sweet symbolism.

2. The introduction of the T-Rex in the first *Jurassic Park*:

"Starting with the infamous cup of water ripples, then the leg of the goat and finally when the rex breaks thru the fence and roars. You knew the movie started right there." - Redditor dstat81

3. When it was revealed that Jigsaw was in the movie with his victims the whole time in *Saw*:

Lions Gate Entertainment

Once you get past all the blood and gruesome horror, you'll realize that this film is actually a psychological masterpiece.

4. When *Memento* told its story in reverse:

"It wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well in a purely linear format, and there's a lot to be said for how the writer was able to hold it all together." - Redditor oh_my_god_brunette_a

5. The passing of time in *Notting Hill*:

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

"Hugh Grant's character walks through the street market and the seasons change, indicating the passage of time, as he walks. If you watch closely, the pregnant woman at the beginning is holding a baby at the end." - Redditor FalstaffsMind

6. Water was used to represent wealth in *Parasite*:

This smart movie swept the 2020 Oscars for a reason.

While the rich housewife said that rain was such a blessing, it was a different reality for the poor family who came home to find their subbasement submerged in water.

7. The introduction of Kylo Ren in *Star Wars: The Force Awakens*:


"He freezes a blaster bolt and holds it in mid-air for over a minute while focusing on Po! You forget he's even holding it until he's walking away and let's it go. Easily the coolest introduction of a villain I've ever seen while demonstrating how powerful he is (or is capable of being)." - Redditor TanneriteMight

8. The camera angles in *The Shawshank Redemption*:

This movie is truly a cinematic masterpiece. There are a lot of clever details you may have missed, but the smartest was when Red left the prison.

When he did, the camera angle was from the outside.

It followed him as he became a free man.

Castle Rock Entertainment

But when Brooks left the prison, the camera followed him to signify how he still felt like a prisoner.

This foreshadowing proved true later when he struggled to adjust to life outside prison.

9. When Matthew McConaughey's character traveled through the black hole in *Interstellar*:

"The sounds and effects made it feel like you were there in the scene, experiencing what the protagonist was" - Redditor acompletesmeghead

The docking sequence was also soo nerve-wracking.

10. The subtle job of showcasing the difference between perception and reality in *Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind*:

Anonymous Content

"When Joel initially wants the procedure done, he still remembers all those fights he had with Clementine. As the procedure is being done though, he changes his mind.... because he has forgotten all the horrible things he hated about her!" - Redditor LanAkou

11. When Truman repeated his catchphrase at the end of *The Truman Show*:

"Ending scene in the Truman Show where he has reached the barriers of the show's set and says Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" - Redditor Ismokeseaweed

12. When they tested the blood in *The Thing*:

Turman-Foster Company

"It is smart to test the blood, then they realize maybe outing the monster while some of them are tied to chairs was not so smart. Great scene and movie." - Redditor Oberon_Swanson

13. The first gunfight in *John Wick*:

"You go in thinking it'll be just another action movie with every kill being overdramatized. Nope, kills tons of people without a passing glance. God. I love John Wick." - Redditor HypeForTheHypeGod

14. The final scene in *Whiplash* when Andrew reaches his potential:

"When Fletcher asks what he's doing, and sounds genuinely concerned, but he just keeps playing, you realize he's finally done it. He's finally become the player he's supposed to be. I will never not get chills." - Redditor TheManInsideMe

15. The opening scene of *Inglorious Basterds* at the dairy farmer's house:

"It sets the tone for the entire movie perfectly, long drawn out seemingly pleasant scenes, underscored by nervous tension, and punctuated by short bursts of almost over glorified violence." - Redditor im_not_a_crook

16. The ending of *Inception*:

When Cobb goes to enjoy some time with his family, the top he leaves is spinning on the table.

Since the camera fades to black, we don't know if it fell (reality) or spun forever (dream).

This open-closed ending is the brilliance of this mind-blowing film.

Legendary Pictures

You are never given a definite answer, which is why you are left wondering if the entire film was real or just a dream.

There are still so many different opinions on the ending!

17. When it looked like Miles was falling in *Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse*, but he was actually rising:


This just goes to show the sheer amount of detail that went into this movie.

You'll want to watch it again and again to catch everything.

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