10+ Embarrassing TV Moments Fans Will Never Forget

While the majority of awkward TV moments come from reality shows, there are some twisted writers out there.

They're the ones who purposely add in all the cringe that they can stomach into the very scripted shows that we love to binge.

This has led to plenty of embarrassing TV moments that fans will never, ever forget (no matter how hard we try).

1. When Izzie had relations with her ghost boyfriend on *Grey's Anatomy*:

Shonda Rhimes has given us a lot of twists and turns in her shows, but this was too much.

While having an undetected brain tumor, a hallucinating Izzie thought she was actually having sex with her dead ex-fiance.

2. When Monica realized that her brother, Ross, was her first kiss on *Friends*:

Monica and Ross always had a close bond that would make anyone feel a little weird.

But things were taken to a new level when this super cringe-worthy fact was revealed.

3. When Jerry got caught picking his nose on *Seinfeld*:


While the show was all about living life uncomfortably, the secondhand embarrassment of this moment was just too much to handle.

Jerry had been sitting at a red light when his nose got itchy.

Unbeknownst to him, the person in the car next to him was the model he was dating.

From her angle, it looked like he was picking so far deep up his nose.

This led her to speed away in her cab.

4. When Nick came off as super creepy on *Freaks and Geeks*:


Nick took the "freak" part of the show a little too literally when he lured his girlfriend, Lindsay, into his basement.

It was there that he serenaded her with the song "Lady" and got really animated.

While it was intended to be cute, it came off super creepy (Lindsay's facial expressions said it all).

”You wanna make out or something?” she finally asked, in an effort to stop him.

”No,” he replied. ”All guys wanna make out. But I just want to hold you.” This would have been cute had it not been for all that other stuff.

5. When first cousins, George Michael and Maeby, finally kissed on *Arrested Development*:

I think it goes without saying why this would be awkward.

This happened after two years of sexual tension that should have NEVER BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

6. When Big's wife catches his affair with Carrie on *Sex and the City*:

Karma was a dish best served awkward when Natasha came home early to find Carrie hanging out in her apartment.

While Carrie did a mad dash away, Natasha followed her.

The whole situation was made all the more awkward when Natasha fell while running down the stairs.


Carrie may have been sleeping with her husband, but she wasn't a total monster.

She ended up taking Natasha to the hospital so she could get fixed up.

7. When Hilary Duff sang "LoveGame" on *Gossip Girl*:

Just the memory of this is enough to make me cringe.

Hilary Duff played Olivia Burke, Dan's love interest, for a few episodes. But there was an awkward love triangle with Dan, Vanessa, and Olivia.

This ended with Dan and Vanessa realizing that they're meant to be together.

The CW

But before this happened, Hilary sang her song "LoveGame" in a very off-key sendoff.

The whole thing was super cheesy and still makes me cringe.

8. When Jess realized that she was dating her cousin on *New Girl*:

I'll never be able to get, "I don't want to die with my cousin-lover in a cave" out of my mind.

A bear appearing out of nowhere would have been less terrifying than that.

9. When Devi believed that a wolf was her dad on *Never Have I Ever*:

Raise your hand if you were ever convinced that a wolf was secretly the spirit of your dead dad? Anyone? Just Devi. Thought so.

To make things worse, she ended up getting attacked by that wolf.

10. When Archie danced on *Riverdale*:

There was no reason for the show to suddenly turn into Glee, but it did.

And it led to this awkward dance by Archie where he got very animated while snapping his fingers.

11. When Michael Scott broke his promise on *The Office*:

Ah, the "Scott's Tots" episode. It's the one that even the most diehard The Office fans can't get through.

Michael promised a whole classroom of kids that he would one day pay their college tuition. But he had to let them down after they celebrated his generosity.

12. When Betty did a striptease on *Riverdale*:

The CW

She did this underage and in front of adults who definitely should not have been watching.

The moment was super weird. But, like a car crash, you just couldn't look away.

13. When Phoebe and Chandler kissed on *Friends*:


This hilariously awkward moment happened after Phoebe and Rachel discovered that Monica and Chandler were a couple.

Wanting to mess with them, Phoebe pretended that she wanted to hook up with Chandler.

Chandler pretended the same thing as a way to retaliate.

Both parties carried on with the seduction until the other person cracked.

In the end, it was Chandler who gave in and revealed that he loved Monica.

14. When the New Directions performed "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa on *Glee*:


Jane Lynch's face here says it all. A sexual song like this should never be danced to in public, let alone in front of the whole school.

And yet, Glee took it there, dry-humping and all.