13+ People Who Made Us Go ‘Were You Born Yesterday?’

There are a lot of innocent people out there who just cannot seem to get their head around how the world really works, and more often than not this naivety can lead to very funny outcomes.

The hilariously daft people on this list are living proof of this, so please enjoy these 13+ people who made us go, "Were you born yesterday?"

"Someone messed up..."


I think that "CK—543C" was actually another name that Grimes and Elon Musk had for their recent child.

"Those damn Seagulls at it again!"

Reddit | WbtoOfficial

I can't believe they thought that seagulls could read English! Everyone knows that seagulls can exclusively read French! How thick do you have to be not to know that?! Sacrebleu!

"Life Go's On..."

Reddit | jmcdonell

I don't know what I'm more amazed at, the fact that they made such a glaring mistake or the fact that people still get these vacuous statements tattooed on themselves at all!

"This smoke shop's sign."

Reddit | actually_oh

That is just the right amount of self-awareness that you want from a shop selling such supplies if you ask me!

"I think the word that you're looking for is aquarium!"

Reddit | [Deleted]

Technically, couldn't you call a bar a liquid zoo, as all of the liquids are in containers for you to look at? Although, you do drink them I guess.

"I told my students to 'Include the word count in your essays.'"

Reddit | hellomurrwan

Can you imagine if, during a proofread, this student had realized that they had missed a number near the beginning and had to start all over again?!

"Just saw this shared on FB. When I asked the girl who shared it, she actually believed it. She is 21."

Reddit | iAmWillyAmm

If, by any chance, there was a blind person driving a car on the road, then, in fairness, I think that they would indeed need to be alerting other drivers on the road, but not for the reasons she thinks.

Oh, The Naivety!

Reddit | TheBoy88

They must be very confused as to why so many grimy-looking men in dirty overcoats keep coming into the shop and then leaving immediately.

"5 degrees in Cleveland today with 30 MPH winds? I think I'll take the convertible."

Reddit | william_fontaine

They've fully committed to the convertible life, and I kind of respect them for it! I'd be amazed if they still had a nose by the time they got home though — if it hasn't frozen off already!

"Asked my wife to look for a Chucky mask so I could scare the kids. She's too innocent."

Reddit | Tbergz

I mean, that could still very easily be used to scare the hell out of your kids under the right circumstances. Lord knows it would creep the hell out of me!

Not Exactly What The Manager Had In Mind...

Reddit | Ninja-Kiwi

Well, they technically put some soap in the dispenser, that cannot be argued against. However, they're still a complete dingbat, whoever they are!

"My friend's husband thought he could microwave his shirt to dry it faster..."

Reddit | NotKay

Not a great ad for Salt Lake Community College if this is the sort of thing that their alumni are doing!

"My cousin's friend ordered a chicken burger and asked for mayo on the top and bottom, this is what she got."

Reddit | xcilx

"Dave, what are you doing to that burger?"

"It's what she asked for."

"I don't think that you're—"

"I. Said. It's what she asked for, Stuart, now get back to your nuggets!"

For The Benefit Of The Health Inspector...


The person who posted this helpfully explained, "I noticed this bottle at a local coffee shop, and asked the owner about it. He said 'health inspector asked 'what's this jar?' and I said 'nothing, it's empty,' and she said 'everything has to be labeled' so I labeled it.'"

"For those who can't afford car parking sensors"

Reddit | Palifaith

It not only tells you when you're too close to the car behind, but it also tells all of the dogs in the neighborhood to come and chase you!

*Hypnotic Cat Sounds...*

Reddit | SerTheGayMan

I feel like that cat is staring right into my soul and plucking at the very fiber of my being. I don't think I could live with a cat that was so intense!

"How stupid do you have to be to park THERE?"

Reddit | pluey200

I mean, at least they're not just parked like a deliberate asshole. Instead, they're parked like an accidental one, so that's something!

"Are they scamming me or the eggs?"

Reddit | jhallen2260

Judging from how absolutely filthy that sign is, it looks like they're scamming everyone who is eating there just by the act of serving food! Also, give me your most eggsellent pun in the comments below!

"A scene from an Indian TV show."

Reddit | TheTallLebowski

Those are some really powerful bathroom scrubbers if they can start a man's heart!

"My son turned 1."

Reddit | domina_flamma

Maybe stick to just the number balloon next time. Not that you'll have the same problem next year, but better to be safe than sorry.

"At a Ren Faire and told my sister to pose with her boyfriend. She wondered why I chose such a low angle."

Reddit | thejohnblog

I thought it was common knowledge by now that if your brother of all people offers to take a picture, he's up to something.

"Mistakes were made [...]."

Reddit | Nordisali

He's no threat, he just wants to play jazz!

"Spotted at the local Dairy Queen."

Reddit | puglover567

Sooo...has anyone heard from that cook lately? Alternatively, does anyone smell burning flesh?

"Told my 3 and 4 yr olds to put the toilet paper under the sink... must be more specific next time."

Reddit | bert3r

At least they listened! They're already leagues above other kids, even if they do take things a tad literally.

"This was the moment I told my daughter the whale was going to close it's mouth."

Reddit | conrod05

If nothing else, at least you know she has great survival instincts.

"My fiance and I are going to Europe this week. She told me a hundred times that we have to 'blend in' and not look American. I completely agree... so I had this shirt made."

Reddit | Taherham

I don't think you would have even had an issue had she not brought this up. Do Americans have a look about them? Are they that easy to spot in Europe?

"Local brew pub."

Reddit | twatson80

These signs aren't good for someone like me. I get nervous and take everything literally, I'd think it was real and go ask for help.

"It was my substitute teacher's first day on the job, and this is what we walk in class to. Dry erase markers on a promethean board isn't it yall."

Reddit | nonutlatte

Oh, wow, now that is one hell of an expensive mistake to make on your first day. I doubt they made it to their second.

"As a cashier, I checked someone out for flowers and this balloon. I asked what occasion; her friend was in a car crash (no one was injured)."

Reddit | Furiously_Fortuitous

Just replace that 'u' with an 'a' and you have the perfect balloon for the occasion!

"Taking traffic lights a little too seriously!"

Reddit | [Deleted]

Now this might be the most painfully, and somewhat adorably, compliant student that has ever graced this earth. I wonder if the person who took this told her. I'd probably let her stand there if I'm being honest!