Quotes For Those Of Us Just Done With This Year

My social group leans toward the nerdy with a side of puns, so to say that I heard a lot of "hindsight is 2020" jokes in the first days of January would be putting it mildly.

It was cute at first, then annoying, and then they all stopped telling me the joke because I would point out that technically 2020 couldn't be hindsight until New Year's Day 2021.

The "before times" were so much more laid back, weren't they?

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Remember when the biggest bummers of the year were the sudden deaths of a few beloved celebrities in a row?

When you might feel some shock at the news that a hiker in California was diagnosed with bubonic plague?

In mid-2020, though, one bubonic plague case slots in somewhere above *Tiger King* and murder hornets, but under *actual global pandemic*.

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We all just look at the news, sigh, and ask who had that particular crisis in the disaster pool for this week.

We're all just too stressed from the struggle, too tired of the arguments from both sides, and too numb to the next crazy headline.

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If a writer submitted a pitch for this as a disaster novel, the editor would reject it as too far-fetched and complicated.

When people try to argue against time travel existing, they often point out that no one from the future has ever visited.

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We often assume that a traveller might opt to avoid "bad" times like the Dark Ages or one of the World Wars, but maybe it's simply that they're also avoiding our generation.

Maybe they're just waiting to visit until after the COVID era.

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