7+ Easy Decor Hacks To Make Over Your Space

Guys, I cannot express to you how easy it is to change the whole vibe of your house.

From changing up hardware to trying out new paint hacks, I have got all the tips and tricks you need to give your space the refresh you've been craving. Grab your paint, your hammer, and your YouTube account. We're goin' in.

1. Swap out your existing hardware.

YouTube | Furniture Flippa

This is a simple hack, but you're going to want to follow some simple rules to get it done as stress-free as possible.

The first thing: if you're swapping out handles, measure the distance between the holes!

Find out more here.

And if you're in more of a painting mood...

YouTube | Furniture Flippa

Make sure to gently sand your handles and prime, prime, prime. Without primer, your paint WILL rub (or chip) off.

Silver is a popular color to paint over, which is convenient — it covers easily. Paint your hardware black, gold, pink, whatever!

2. Use a color three times to make a purposeful decor moment.

Welsh Design Studio

To make sure a color doesn't look out of place in your home, make sure you have at least three instances of it in any room. It'll help anchor its presence!

That rule also goes for pieces of decor.

Adding in an odd number of anything is more visually pleasing to the eye than an even one. I don't know why, I just know it's true.

3. Create a gallery wall easily.

YouTube | The Sorry Girls

Not sure where you want all of your pictures to go on a gallery wall? Cut out pieces of paper and mark where the holes are meant to go. Then tape them to the wall and try out different configurations!

Now, it's time to hang.

YouTube | The Sorry Girls

Remember the holes you marked? They're about to come in handy. Use those to perfectly line up where you want to nail. If you have two holes to make, make sure they're level!

4. Do a bold accent wall in an unexpected space.

If you'd like to try doing something pretty bold, but you're not sure if you want it in a room you use every single day, try it out in a smaller space. A closet, for example!

5. Get a bedside sconce without learning how to do electrical work.

YouTube | Alexandra Gater

Not all of us are gifted with the skills to run wires behind a wall. Luckily, plug-in sconces have become massively popular, and there's tons of different styles to choose from!

6. Make your own AMAZING wall calendar.

YouTube | Mr. Kate

Alright, time to hit up the queen, aka Mr. Kate. One of my absolute favorite hacks of hers was this DIY wall calendar/organization board that uses acrylic sheets and gold stand-offs.

It's actually easier than you'd think.

YouTube | Mr. Kate

You'll need the aforementioned acrylic sheet (or sheets, if you want to sandwich a pre-planned out paper calendar between them), some stand-offs, and a drill bit designed for acrylic.

Check out the full tutorial here.

7. Bleed-proof your paint lines every time.

YouTube | Mr. Kate

Want to paint stripes or bold, geometric shapes on your walls, but you can't avoid that dreaded paint bleed? I can fix that.

Before you paint on your new color, paint the ORIGINAL color you're covering up over your tape. That will guarantee any "bleed" is actually invisible.

8. Chalk paint is your friend.

Especially when it comes to painting unexpected surfaces, like planters and furniture. It'll go on incredibly pigmented, usually only requires one coat, and has that matte finish that makes things look super chic.

But wait! You can actually make your own "chalk" paint.

There's a neat hack hitting the decorsphere lately that involves adding a tsp of baking soda to a cup of any water-based paint. It'll give it a matte, slightly textured finish!

And don't forget to seal it.

This is a big one with chalk paint — sealing. Chalk paint can and WILL flake off easily, which is one of its draws for those who love shabby chic. For those of us who don't, make sure to seal that stuff up!