9+ Baking Fails That Were A Recipe For Disaster

Baking is something that people believe can be pretty easy. You mix a few ingredients, put them in the oven for a set time, and presto! Before you know it, there's a dessert waiting for you to decorate. But, sometimes, things go so terribly wrong when baking that we just have to shake our head and wonder... how?

That's definitely not Dolly Parton.

Someone is a huge Dolly fan, that's for sure. But, this cake gives her a bad, no-good name. Whoever baked this cake needs to write Dolly a formal apology and do it fast.

Spongebob needs some help.

Every kid dreams of a Spongebob birthday cake. But, this cake looks like it spent too much time in Bikini Bottom and by that, I mean someone threw it in the ocean. Help this melted Bob before it's too late.

Happy Halloween, I guess!


What was supposed to be sweet little rice krispie balls turned into a poor excuse for pumpkins. That definitely is not any Halloween pumpkin that I have ever seen before in my life.

An eruption of disasters.


A volcano cake is something that everyone wants. Just look at how cool that explosion of flavor looks! But, whoever baked this disaster definitely did not study what a volcano actually looks like.

Mary had a little lamb?


Or, did she? Sometimes, it's better to just make a regular round cake and decorate it with some icing than try to get fancy and make an entire lamb cake.

Who does this person think they are?

Baking something based off a photo or a story like The Canterbury Tales is a huge endeavor. This looks like a melted down version of a clown at a carnival that gives everyone nightmares.

Caramel drip cake gone so, so wrong.


Whoever baked this cake did not follow the right steps because the caramel is not supposed to harden around the cake. It looks like they totally missed a few steps over here.

Santa looks shook.


Everyone loves a delicious and festive cake around the holidays. But, this Santa looks like someone took all of his presents and reindeer and told him to buzz off.

Throw the whole cake away.


Please, tell this person that the "reality" does not look like a monkey. This needs to go to the trash can immediately. Order a cake from a bakery and call it a day.

What is this even?!?

The person said they, "intended to bake a hedgehog birthday cake," but, that is definitely not a hedgehog. I'm not even sure what this is supposed to be at all.

That's not Elsa. Oh no, no, no.

Let it go, let it go. Let go of the idea that you can make a perfect Frozen cake. Just go to the store and order one. Poor Elsa, she looks like a hot mess.

Buzz looks more like Mr. Potato Head over here.

People who think they can recreate Disney characters on a birthday cake for their kids are totally ambitious. Someone tell them that they can't do it. Just stop trying.

Poor Groot.


Baby Groot is the cutest and most adorable little creature in the universe. The person who made these cupcakes clearly had a vendetta against Groot because, yikes.

These macaroons need help, stat!

These poor cookies look like they never stood a chance. Instead of baking in the oven, it looks like they just melted instead. Better luck next time!

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