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'This Is Us' Season 5 Will Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic 'Head On'

Hit TV drama series This Is Us is known for tackling difficult subjects and making their viewers bawl their eyes out, so it's no surprise the Emmy nominated show will be tackling the COVID-19 pandemic that we're all STILL living in right now.

Because yes, everyone, we are *still amidst a global pandemic, regardless if we like it or not!

*This Is Us* is one of those shows that just makes me cry thinking about it.

Is that dramatic? Maybe. But have YOU SEEN THE DANG SHOW?

The actors. The soundtrack. Everything about it makes me weep.

So am I surprised the show is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic during their upcoming fifth season? Of course not. Just like *This Is Us*, COVID-19 has made me cry a lot too!

Series creator Dan Fogelman told fans the coronavirus news on Twitter this past weekend.

Dan said they will be facing COVID "head on" although he doesn't know when production will start up again.

But it looks like the COVID-19 is just a minor hurtle in the telling of the Pearson family's story.

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