Quotes For When You Prefer Your Coffee Via IV Drip

I used to be so good about sleep hygiene. As a morning person, I would wake up on time, without an alarm, and with plenty of time to casually get ready for work and arrive on time.

In the last few years, that has… changed, to put it mildly. Now I’m rolling out of bed after my second, backup alarm, zombie-ing my way through the process of making coffee, and rushing out the door at the very last second.

Working from home full-time has just made those bad habits worse.

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I’m writing this first-thing, with only a quarter of a cup of coffee in my system so far and still in my pajamas. Maybe once I’m fully alert, I’ll move to my desk, but for now, I’m cozy on the couch with my laptop balanced on my knees.

When and if the working world ever goes back to normal, readjusting to a real schedule — and pants — will feel impossible.

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Don’t get me started on what happens at bedtime, either, because it has become rough. I used to look forward to getting cozy and sleeping soundly, but now, not so much.

Bedtime used to be a wind-down with a good book, then putting on a podcast to fall asleep to.

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Now the podcast inevitably ends before I ever fall asleep and I’m unable to properly settle down. I’ve tried switching the podcast for soothing music or just not listening to anything at all, but nothing seems to help.

Not even *The Joy of Painting* can put me to sleep anymore.

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For the first time ever, Bob Ross’ soothing voice and soft brush stroke noises have failed me as the bedtime nuclear option. Oh, Bob, why have you betrayed me so?

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