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10+ Random Facts About Dog The Bounty Hunter Fans Didn't Know

Oh, the glory days of Reality TV. The good, the bad, and the Dog! It's wild to think but for more than a decade, Dog the Bounty Hunter was a regular staple on A&E.

Needless to say, he's led a pretty wild and incredible life.

Have a look and check out these 10+ facts about Dog the Bounty Hunter that fans didn't know!

1. No, his real name isn't actually Dog.

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Dog was born in Denver Colorado as Duane Chapman. He only later adopted the famous moniker after entering into the business of bounty hunting.

I suppose it's a pretty apt name for someone in his line of work.

2. Dog attributes his success as a bounty hunter to one thing:

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"You know a cop is coming. You don't know I'm coming. You're like, what is he, in a rock band, who is this guy?" Dog said during an interview with Fox News.

3. He has a very large ex-tended family.

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Dog has been married and divorced five times. That is not even counting his upcoming marriage to fiancee Francie Frane.

Through those marriages, Dog also has ten children. Can you imagine what Sunday dinners must look like?

4. He caught Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir, but wasn't eligible for any part of the $1 million reward!

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"I cannot do vigilante justice," said Ventura County Superior Court Judge Edward Brodie via CNN. "In my view, you violated state statutes and Mexican statutes, therefore you are not entitled to any restitution."

5. Believe it or not, he was actually the Warden's barber while he was in prison!

As Dog recalled to Fox News, "While I was in prison, I became the warden's barber, so that means all the guards were my friends."

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that anyone would make Dog their barber of choice. Just look at that mullet!

6. Dog has a seriously impressive resume.

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Dog claims to have captured an incredible amount of fugitives — upwards of 6000 according to Honolulu Magazine.

He's been at it for more than 25 years, with no signs of slowing down.

7. He once bailed Nic Cage out of jail!

When ABC News asked what spurred him to action, Dog replied, "I am a truly dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client as I wish to respect his privacy."

8. Dog has been dealing with mental health issues.

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A little more than a year ago, Dog's partner and wife, Beth, lost a tragic battle with throat cancer.

He became overwhelmed with grief and even admitted to having suicidal thoughts, according to People.

These days, Dog is doing much better and is actually engaged to be re-married!

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His new fiance is named Francie Frane. According to an interview she gave with The Sun, she claims to have had no idea who Dog was prior to their meeting!

"And I looked at his picture and I say, 'I have no idea who that is - and that guy needs a haircut.'"

9. His stepdaughter robbed a bank!

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Dog and Beth released a statement via the Hawaii News Now:

"It's always difficult and disheartening when someone you knew as a child grows up and chooses a life of crime," the couple wrote.

"That is the case with Nicole Gillespie, who has been accused of robbing the Territorial Savings Bank on Bishop Street on September 3rd."

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The statement continues with Dog and Beth affirming that:

"We have not seen "Nickie" in over 10 years. Watching her on Crimestoppers left us all shocked and heart broken."

10. He was sent to prison — for murder!

Back in the '70s, there was no such thing as being an accessory to a crime.

This meant if you were in a vehicle with someone who committed a felony, you were just as culpable in the eyes of the law. Which is precisely what happened to Dog.

"I was there, heard the shot, knew something had happened. I should have called the police on the spot."

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Doug admitted to Fox News that the main reason why he didn't call the police was due to his involvement in a motorcycle gang.

Dog served five months before being released. Ironically, his prison sentence is what inspired him to be a bounty hunter!

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"One guy went to break and run one day, an inmate, and I jumped him," Dog said to Fox News. "And as the guard walked up when I was on top of the inmate apprehending him, and he threw down the handcuffs and said, 'Hook him up, bounty hunter.'"

11. His wedding to Beth Smith was incredibly sad.

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On the eve of Dog's wedding, his daughter Barbara Katy Chapman was killed in a tragic car accident.

Dog and Beth decided to go through with their wedding, which became a dual celebration of Barbara's life.