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Actors Who Would Have Played The Avengers In The '80s

Superhero and comic book movies have never been more popular but it wasn't always that way.

In fact, an entire generation of incredible young actors never even had the chance to portray their childhood heroes on the big screen.

Well, that's all about to change! Today, we're playing the "what if" game and checking out 10+ actors who would play The Avengers in the '80s. Buckle up, it's about to get retro in here!

Judd Nelson as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.

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Let's compare Bender (from the Breakfast Club) and Clint, shall we? Both are loners. Both are misunderstood souls who carry around a dark past.

They even look alike! Jeremy Renner looks like he could be Judd's younger brother. Nelson would have been a bullseye!

Patrick Swayze as Thor.

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Look at that long flowing blonde hair, that chiseled jaw-line, and those mysterious stoic eyes.

Now, who was I just talking about: Patrick or Chris? You can't tell, can you? Neither can I and that's the whole point.

Molly Ringwald as Natasha Romanova aka 'The Black Widow'.

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I personally think there's more to Molly Ringwald than just being the pretty/unpopular girl in school.

She's fierce when she wants to be and I believe she could not only hold her own but lead the entire Avengers team!

Michael J. Fox as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

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I was extremely close to casting Anthony Michael Hall as Spidey, but there's no denying that Michael J. Fox is the perfect fit for the role.

Just look at him! Mike looks as if he fell out of the pages of a comic book as is!

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Bruce Banner aka The Hulk.

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I'm not necessarily saying that Arnold would be the best fit for Bruce Banner, but there's no denying that 'The Austrian Oak' would have been the only logical choice for a pumped-up Hulk!

Harrison Ford as Nick Fury.

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No disrespect to Samuel L. Jackson whatsoever. I'm basing this decision solely on the original renderings of Capt. Nick Fury, whom Ford happens to be the spitting image of.

Somebody get that man an eye patch!

Michelle Pfeiffer as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

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Michelle Pfeiffer is the only actress I'd want to play Captain Marvel. She has that same piercing stare, that undeniable presence, and the ability to completely own the room.

The most powerful being in the MCU should be played by the most powerful actress of the era and her name is Michelle Pfeiffer.

Eddie Murphy as Sam Wilson aka The Falcon.

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Anthony Mackie is a brilliant actor but he's not a comedian. Eddie Murphy has the ability to play serious dramatic characters while still being able to imply his comedic method.

Sam Wilson would've had an entirely different undertone if Eddie were in the driver's seat.

Tom Cruise as Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

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I know what you're going to say: Tom's too short to play Cap. While I'm not disagreeing with that argument, this is Hollywood people!

All Tom would need is a good pair of platform boots and he'd be all set to go.

Mel Gibson as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord.

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Who is Peter Quill? Sure he can be a joker, a slacker, and at times even selfish. But underneath it all, he's one of the most important figures in the MCU with unlimited potential.

When I think of an actor who truly knows no bounds, I think of Mel Gibson.

Marlon Brando as Thanos 'The Mad Titan'.

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Think about it: what would the greatest actor who ever lived be able to do with a character like Thanos?

Make us weep? Fill our souls with rage, our mouths with bile, whilst simultaneously making us sympathize with one of the evilest beings in the known universe?! Yeah, probably exactly that.

Val Kilmer as Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange.

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Val Kilmer is the perfect blend of arrogance and compassion that's required for a convincing Stephen Strange.

Val possesses a natural air of mystery that would play perfectly to the part.

James Spader as Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

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Few people possess the qualities of Tony Stark. His arrogance is only exceeded by his brilliance and both practically exude from his pores.

There isn't another man on earth who is both as detestable and lovable as James Spader. He would be perfect!

Denzel Washington as T'Challa aka Black Panther.

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Denzel can do anything. Let it be known that I believe he'd make just as good a Killmonger as he would playing Black Panther.

Very few actors are both a summer and a winter but Denzel pulls it off effortlessly.

Johnny Depp as Loki.

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When I think of Loki, I think of someone with all the schmooze and charm of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Who possesses the same vicious determination as Sweeney Todd, whose malice is confounded by the undeniable good looks of Don Juan DeMarco. So...Johnny Depp.