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Chris Hemsworth Celebrates His 37th Birthday

Hollywood's fav Australian hottie Chris Hemsworth is celebrating his 37th birthday today, so obviously congratulations are in order!

Am I surprised Chris is a Leo? Absolutely not. Have you seen those abs? Those have Leo power written ALL OVER THEM!

Let's take a gorgeous stroll down memory lane and enjoy Chris for all he has given the world on his day of birth!

Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as Thor in the *Marvel* universe.

I mean, I don't even know why they picked Mr. Hemsworth for this role, it's not like he's chiseled from Gods own hands, or anything.

When he's not battling in the *Avengers* universe, he's cuddling pandas and being an amazing husband and father!

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The actor has three children with wife Elsa Pataky, 8-year-old India Rose Hemsworth and 6-year-old twin boysTristan Hemsworth and Sasha Hemsworth.

We're hoping Chris has a totally out of this WORLD birthday, as he deserves!

Getty Images | James D. Morgan

And with a crazy movie lineup coming up in the next few years, Chris needs all the celebrating time he can get!

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