10+ Disney Deaths That Fans Will Never Get Over

Disney was the original Game of Thrones. They had dragons, villains, and lots of tragic character deaths.

The latter is something that has scarred us since we were little kids. So much so that there are 10+ Disney deaths that we will never ever get over.

Warning: by reading this list, you may burst into tears, require the number of a good therapist, or find comfort in rocking back and forth.


Ellie From *Up*

We only knew her a short time onscreen, but that was still enough to make us bawl like a baby when she passed.

This sadness lingered from seeing how much Carl missed her. He even wore a bowtie to her funeral since she tied his ties.

Bambi’s mother from *Bambi*


Be honest: you've never been able to look at another deer the same since watching that movie.

It's been decades since most of us first saw it and we still haven't emotionally processed it. dials therapist

Tadashi from *Big Hero Six*

It only took Disney 20 minutes to completely shatter us.

They built Tadashi up as such a great character, only for him to pass. At least he died a hero by going into the burning building to save Professor Callaghan.

Tod’s mother from *The Fox And The Hound*


Tod's mother didn't talk in the film, but no words were needed to show how much she loved her son.

She even sacrificed her life for Tod by leaving him hidden in the grass before she was killed by a hunter.

Mr and Mrs Pelekai in *Lilo & Stitch*


While the death of Lilo's parents took place offscreen (they died in a car crash), it's still heartbreaking to think of poor Lilo being on her own.

Add in the saying, "Family means no one gets left behind" and just try not to cry.

King Agnarr and Queen Iduna from *Frozen*


As per Disney tradition, this was another film that featured the loss of the main character's parents.

This left Elsa and Anna on their own after their parents' ship capsized. It was awful to watch.

James from *The Princess And The Frog*


We didn't see much of Tiana's dad in the film, but what we did see stuck a cord.

That's because we witnessed the sweet bond between James and Tiana. This made his implied death that much harder.

Quasimodo's mother from *The Hunchback Of Notre Dame*


We may not know her name, but that doesn't make her death sting any less.

The evil Frollo killed her right in front of her baby on the steps of the church. It was heartbreaking.

Ray from *The Princess And The Frog*


While we wouldn't cry over the death of a firefly in real life, we did cry when Ray died in this Disney film.

The only thing that comforts us is knowing that he probably got to be reunited with his love Evangeline.

Han Solo from *Star Wars: The Force Awakens*


Han Solo dying was definitely not the only heartbreaking part about this.

It was how he died that really stung: his own son, Kylo Ren, stabbed him with his lightsabre.

Erik Killmonger from *Black Panther*


He may have been the villain, but audiences really sympathized with his backstory.

He was all about honor and even chose to die in the end instead of being held captive. It was a touching metaphor.

Coral from *Finding Nemo*


Okay, deep breaths, everyone. The death of Nemo's mom to a barracuda still shakes us to our core.

This scene was sad but necessary, as it shows why Marlin is so protective and paranoid when it comes to his son.

Groot from *Guardians of the Galaxy*

While Marvel usually shies away from major character deaths, that all changed when Disney took over.

Groot died a hero when he sacrificed himself to protect the other Guardians. Thankfully, we still have Baby Groot.

Rufio from *Hook*


Watching Rufio's death is even more painful now that Robin Williams has passed.

We'll never be able to get his last words out of our head: "I wish I had a dad like you." cries

Vision from *Avengers: Infinity War*

We're scared to rewatch the film because of the many heartbreaking deaths.

Vision's case was truly tragic, as it was his lover Scarlet Witch who had to kill him to destroy the Mind Stone. Sadly, Thanos got it anyways.

Gamora from *Avengers: Infinity War*


Her death symbolized just how far Thanos would go to get power.

He threw her off of a cliff, leaving audiences completely in shock over what had just happened. It was awful to watch.

Mufasa from *The Lion King*

This particular death, hands down, the toughest Disney death to watch. It has stayed with us for years.

How can you ever get over baby Simba nudging his father to wake up? And then blaming himself? bawls

Loki from *Avengers: Infinity War*


He was a fan-favorite despite tittering between being a good guy and a bad guy.

But in the end, he went out a good guy who tried to kill Thanos and save his brother's life. I'm still crying.

Tarzan's parents from *Tarzan*


There are actually a lot of parallels to the death of Tarzan's parents and The King And Queen of Arendelle from Frozen.

Since both sets of parents died in a shipwreck, fans believe that they are actually the same people. This would mean that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's little brother.

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