Taco Makeup Is Taking Over The Internet

Ladies. Gentlemen. Everyone in-between. There are two sides of the coin (or taco, if you will):

1. If The Creator didn't want taco makeup, eyes wouldn't be taco-shaped.

2. It's happening again, the world has given up.

#TacoMakeup is doing its best to emerge as trending. Will beauty bloggers, instafluencers, and taco worshipers allow the face food to sweep social, or will the food be worn in traditional fashion, all over my shirt?

Let's take a look at this trend which ruins Mexican food, makeup, and photos of the human face, and see which team you support: #TeamTaco versus #TeamGetA BetterHobby.

(Don't let my less than positive intro sway your opinion. I am jaded as I have been scrubbing taco makeup off my eye for the better part of an hour now.)

#TeamTaco, the world is your oyster, the face is your canvas.

Instagram | @x0mandaa

You say almond-shaped, I say taco-shaped.

#TeamBetterHobby, use YouTube Better.

YouTube | Frances Jay

Respect the 'Tube. Sia is on there. And math tutorials.

#TeamTaco, I'll have fries with that!

Instagram | @pyroquinn

I've never ordered tacos.

#TeamBetterHobby, Makeup: 0 Instagram caption: 100! 

Instagram | @byclaudya

According to one Instagrammer's post, "I batted my taco eyelids seductively at my husband hoping he would find me irresistible and want to take a bite out of me. Did it work? Yeah, not so much."

You did bad husband.

#TeamTaco, Beauty and the feast.

Instagram | @avantgeek

They look like a piƱata's vagina. Can I say that? :/

#TeamBetterHobby, this is me. 

Instagram | @randimann

Before getting asked multiple times how I got punched in the eye.