Unsplash | Samantha Gades

10+ Cheap Products That Can Upgrade Your Home On A Budget

Home is where the heart is, or that's what they say. It seems as though recently, we've all figured out that our homes can use some sprucing up, seeing as we've been home for months on end. However, no one wants to splurge and spend all of their money on home improvement right now. Luckily, there are some easy and inexpensive ways to upgrade your home and not break the bank!

These beautiful privacy covers for the windows.


This 3D window film makes it possible to have privacy in your home while still allowing the light to shine in through beautiful rainbow patterns. Grab it on Amazon here.

These label makers for all your products.


Having everything organized is one thing, but labeling everything makes it easy to grab while cooking and putting things away. Go label crazy and label everything in sight! Grab it here on Amazon.

Stick-on chalkboard paper for walls and other things.


Make a grocery list right on your wall or even your weekly dinner schedule. You can put this stick-able chalkboard paper on walls, doors, even on serving trays for parties. Grab some here on Amazon.

These cool drawer liners to make every drawer pop.


Drawers can get dusty and dirty if you don't clean them often. These liners make them pretty to look at and even easy to clean. They come in a variety of patterns and colors. Look through them here.

Desk organizers for pens or makeup brushes.


Marble makes everything look beautiful. Organize your pens, pencils, and other things on your desk. Or, you can make your makeup area all neat and organized, too. Grab some in different colors on Amazon.

LED strip lights to hang from all corners of your home.


LED lights can make any room glow and look magical. Colorful lights can make you smile as soon as you walk in the room, and they can also set the mood. Pick your favorite on Amazon.

Tile stickers to redo your entire wall, easily and inexpensively.


Retiling walls can be expensive and time consuming. Tile stickers that are both waterproof and strong can remodel an entire bathroom or kitchen on the cheap while still looking high-end. Grab some here.

Rope plant baskets to give your plants some love.


Regular planter pots designed for the outdoors can look rough and rugged once inside your home. Dressing them up with these rope plant baskets will make them look pretty and perfect as an interior accent. Grab some here.

Fairy lights to make your bedroom glow.


Everyone loves the look of fairy lights, not just around the holidays. You can decorate your rooms with these little ones and let them glow all night long. Get some here.

See-through acrylic storage containers to see what is where.


Bathroom organization is key, however, it's important to know where everything is stored so you don't have to open and close every jar in sight. Get these storage containers on Amazon.

Faux wood film that will make even the cheapest furniture look great.


This adhesive film can make any old dresser look all fancy and brand new. For your old IKEA furniture that is chipping, why not redo it and make it look new again? Get some here.

Corner protectors to make sure your table corners aren't sharp.


Decorate jewelry boxes, desks, tables, even cabinets with these corner protectors. They keep things looking nice, as well as safe and sturdy. Grab the ones you like on Amazon.

Marble contact paper to make your bookshelf look chic.


Marble classes everything up. This contact paper can be used for drawers, shelves, and even closet spaces. Pick your sizing and how many packs here.

Acrylic paint markers to decorate all your stuff.


Fix up your old and chipped dinnerware with some acrylic paint markers. You can decorate anything from mugs to wine glasses with your favorite graphics or words. Get some here.