11+ Designers Who Are At The Top Of Their Game

Do you remember that time you stumbled upon something that made you think, "I could've designed it better myself"? Isn't it annoying when that happens?

So when I find the opposite, my heart literally rejoices. I'm such a sucker for great design. I especially like it when it's both useful and aesthetically pleasing. The following designers totally get that.

1. This Restaurant Door Handle

Reddit | Rosebudsi

This restaurant named Silver Spoon got pretty clever with its door handle. I think this is such a cool idea to make sure you stand out from the crowd. What do you think? Yay or nay?

2. This Dressing Room

Reddit | MagicIsPrettyMagical

I wish every dressing room was designed this way. It would be so much easier to keep track of the clothes you want to buy from the ones you definitely don't. There's even a spot for the ones you're on the fence about.

3. These Pools

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Not only do these in-ground pools look pretty amazing but they also use natural filtering and not chlorine. Now, that's something I can definitely get behind. I can't stand chlorine on my skin and in my hair.

4. These Books

Reddit | CavsterXII

What a cool way to incorporate two books that follow each other in one cover design. I think this is such a novel idea. I can't say I've ever seen it done like this before. It's so smart.

5. This Diaper Box

Reddit | u/PartofQuito

I know that diapers don't usually come in any kind of cool packaging, but these ones definitely do. This empty diaper box turns into a wicked rocket ship. Wow, isn't that so awesome? I love this.

6. This Library Slide

Reddit | VOL7AGE

If you like taking the stairs, go right ahead. But if you're into something more fun, then use this awesome slide instead. I think more places should implement this because it would totally make my day.

7. This Bench

Reddit | beetlejewsbeetlejews

Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a seat on a public bench that came with a pop-up table? This bench has one and it looks so helpful. I would love to see more of these in the real world.

8. This Keyboard

Reddit | waddysno

If you're a fan of everything steampunk, I bet you'll get a kick out of this keyboard. I can't say I've ever seen anything as cool as this. This piece is so detailed and quite elaborate to boot.

9. This Shopping Cart

Reddit | TacoPvP

If you've ever been to Ikea you know how easy it is to get lost in a big store. So wouldn't it be really useful if every shopping cart had a store navigation map built into it? I would use it all the time.

10. This Restaurant Table

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

If you've ever spilled something on your phone while it was on a restaurant table, you'll appreciate this. This table has a cool receptacle where you can insert your phone so you won't accidentally spill anything on it.

11. This Doggy Parking Space

It's always hard to leave your pet at the door of a supermarket or store, right? So this Ikea in Berlin thought of something much better. Say hello to a doggy parking lot. This looks like fun, ha, ha!

12. This Paper Towel Dispenser

Reddit | UnfixedPenguin

No more guesswork involved in figuring out if this paper towel dispenser is full or empty. This neat map window is also an indicator of your environmental impact. I totally dig this.

13. This Bucket

Reddit | 1NC3PT10N

If only there was a bucket you could just place flat against the wall when filling it. Well, what do you know? It does exist! That's such a simple thing but also a very thoughtful invention if you ask me.

14. This Public Bathroom

Reddit | IsDinosaur

Do you ever find yourself in a public bathroom with doors that have huge gaps in the stalls? I absolutely hate that. I mean, where's the privacy, right? Well, this what they all should look like.

15. This Beach Feature


Wouldn't it be cool if every beach had this setup? Oh wow, I've never seen it before. This would be so cool. Where in the heck is this? I really gotta go there, ha, ha! You too? I love it.

16. This Security Camera

Reddit | leap1n

Are you wondering what you're looking at here? If you can believe it, this mural in Massachusetts has a security camera built into the turtle's eye. How cool and also pretty inconspicuous of the designer. Am I right? Take that, you hoodlums.

17. This Rotary Mobile Phone

Reddit | earthmoonsun

Do you ever miss rotary phones? I have to admit, I kinda do. There's just something about turning that dial, right? Well, space engineer Justine Haupt has made her own rotary mobile phone and you can build one too with a kit.

18. These Seats

Reddit | chryllis

Why is it so hard for the airport to just ensure that every seat is equipped with these charging stations? It would save people from crouching or lying on the floors next to a power outlet. Come on, get on it already.

19. This Mural

Reddit | Sy3Zy3Gy3

Not only is this a gorgeous mural but it's so awesome that they incorporated the wire into it. It looks like they're really playing telephone tag, ha, ha! I gotta say, this is what I love to see.

20. This Book Map

Reddit | simpsonsfanhere

How do you make a book that comes with fold-out maps better for the reader? Well, if you set it up like this, it's a lot easier to use it. Why don't they do this all the time?

21. This Divorce Lawyer Advertisement

Reddit | TheSumOfInfinity

Speaking of clever, a divorce lawyer took full advantage of this elevator advertising space in the most interesting way. With the closed door, the couple looks happy and when the doors open, they're separated. That's one way to get the message across.

22. This Chair

Reddit | 2040009

I'm always annoyed when I go to a restaurant and I can't hang my purse on the back of the chair. This simple concept fixes that problem once and for all. Why don't all places have this?

It's so great to see that people are taking design up a notch.

Not only are they creating things that are useful, but they're doing it in such an awesome way. And these products also serve a great purpose too, so yay for that.

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