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Scenes That Felt Completely Out Of Place In These Famous Movies

It takes a lot for a film to be considered a masterpiece. There has to be the right actors, a compelling storyline, and each scene meshing perfectly with the plot.

When you do not have that, you get The Room random movie scenes that felt completely out of place.

Are any of your favorites on this list? Let us know at the end of the article!

When Han Solo steps over CGI Jabba's tail in *Star Wars: A New Hope*:

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"I really don't like this scene because A.) It's not necessary, it just reiterates information we got from Greedo and kind of undercuts Jabba's mystery a little bit and B.) It's just another example of Lucas' CGI obsession." - Redditor GoatTheArtist

Jennifer Aniston's stripper scene in *We're The Millers*:

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Yes, she's ultra-gorgeous and has an amazing body for her age. But this was strange to watch.

It felt like the scene was thrown in the film with no other purpose than to show off her body.

When Harry was performing magic in his room in *Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban*:

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"Not only is this highly illegal in the film's universe, but one of the first major plot-points is that Harry goes on the run from law enforcement because he used underage magic." - Redditor ChesterCharity

When the assistant Zara was killed in *Jurassic World*:

It was just such a dark scene compared to the rest of the film. She had been picked up by a pterodactyl and dropped into the pool of the Mosasaurus.

Thing is, she wasn't even a villain who deserved to die.

When Tom Cruise said a really cheesy line while scaling the Vatican wall in *Mission Impossible 3*:

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"In order to signal that he was up there to the rest of the team he looks straight into the camera and says, 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.'" - Redditor red0bread

When Sally faked an orgasm in *When Harry Met Sally*:

It's actually one of the movie's most notable moments, but that doesn't stop people from going, "why??"

The moment was uncharacteristic for Sally and super uncomfortable to watch her doing that in front of strangers.

The pie-throwing scene in *Dawn of the Dead*:

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"Felt completely unnecessary to me - it's already been established that the zombies can be easily outwitted and outmaneuvered, I didn't need to see a ridiculous pie fight to further drive that point home." - Redditor sorrythanks

When Juliet kissed Mark in *Love, Actually*:

For such a romantic movie, they should have nixed this storyline. You have Mark having feelings for his best friend's wife and even confessing his love for her.

Then, Juliet cheated on her husband by kissing him.

The creepy boat scene in *Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory*:

"For some reason, after exploring the wondrous chocolate room, Wonka takes the group on a satanic boat ride through hell. From what I can tell, it doesn't have much importance to the story." - Redditor Histo12

When Regina George got hit by a school bus in *Mean Girls*:

Talk about something coming out of nowhere!

Regina George was mean, yes, but not so mean that she deserved that. Couldn't they have found a less dangerous way to serve her comeuppance?

When the vampires showed up in *From Dusk Till Dawn*:

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"Up until that point, the movie is a tense thriller about a couple of criminals kidnapping a family and using them to cross the border into Mexico. After that, the movie is a semi-cheezy vampire movie. It's like 2 different movies stuck together." - Redditor edwedig

The monster reveal at the end of *Split*:

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The movie was captivating when it was all about a man who had multiple personalities.

They could have left it at that. Instead, they added in the unnecessary plot twist of him being a monster who can climb walls.

The Alkali Lake sequence in *X-Men: Apocalypse*:

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"It was basically an entire side plot that served no purpose other than to shoehorn Wolverine into the film. I doubt the movie would have been much better without it, but it would at least have better pacing and cut a few plot holes from the movie." - Redditor ithinkther41am

Ron's hallucination of Harry and Hermione kissing naked in *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1*:

Harry Potter was and always will be a children's series.

So when they threw in this erotic scene, it was just so random and weird. We also can't imagine how awkward it was for the actors to film.

The shirtless Kylo Ren scene in *The Last Jedi*:

We like to see Kylo Ren shirtless as much as anyone else, but this scene felt completely out of place.

Viewers were even super distracted by his high-waisted pants, giving life to many memes on the internet.

The NSFW scene in *The Shape of Water*:

"When the deaf girl shows her friend how she had sex with that mermaid man that was extremely wtf. Up until that point the movie felt like something from Wes Anderson, all nice, like a tale for children, but then..." - Redditor Airazz

The Martha scene in *Batman Vs. Superman*:

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The movie was heavily criticized for having Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusador.

So things got even more ridiculous when Batman and Superman stopped fighting over their mothers sharing the same first name.

That flying car scene in *Grease*:

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Our chills had been electrifying up until that point.

There were just so many questions surrounding that flying car. Where did it come from? Where were they going?? Nobody knows. Some fan theories even say that it's symbolic of Sandy dying.

The jazz bar scene from *Spider-Man 3*:


"I know it's supposed to show what Peter thinks is cool and that's why it's so weird/cringey, but the tone is still so different from the rest of the film." - Redditor rooshbaboosh