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Quotes For People Who Belong In A Snickers Commercial

There's no hungry quite like hangry, is there?

It's not even a feeling, really — it's more like a state of being. And being hangry takes over your whole damn body.

Honestly, I don't think we should really hold people accountable for what they do when that intense hunger-fury combo strikes. It's not their fault they Hulk-smashed a folding table while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served. They couldn't help it!

I used to think I wasn't someone who was capable of becoming that intensely hungry.

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But that was because I lived in my parents' house and they always kept the kitchen fully stocked so being "hangry" wasn't really an option.

(Quick shoutout to my mom for making those weekly Costco runs that kept me happy and stuffed. You're the real hero of this story.)

Now I'm an adult who lives independently and is in charge of buying their own groceries.

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And yeah, sometimes I forget I'm the person who has to actually go to the store and buy things.

And yeah, sometimes I kick the fridge as if it's somehow the appliance's fault that I didn't stock up on anything besides condiments and Gatorade.

I can admit I've let my *hanger* get the best of me sometimes.

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But I've come to learn how to properly subdue it and make sure I remain level-headed at all times, and at least somewhat full.

One sure-fire way to avoid a food-related temper is to always keep snacks in your purse! You may feel silly pulling licorice out on the bus or in a meeting but at least you'll be able to tame the beast!

(You. The beast is you.)

And if you really want to avoid a full-on meltdown, it's best you give the people you surround yourself with a pretty good heads up.

That means if you invite me over for dinner, it's in everyone's best interest if dinner is ready as soon as I get there, or you've at least set out some sort of cheese plate for me to graze on while I wait.

And for God's sake, can someone please crack open that jar of pickles already?? What are we saving it for, the queen?