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16 Funny Fails Worthy Of A Cringe

If you've had a long and hard week, this is exactly what you need.

Because absolutely nothing will cheer you up faster and make you feel better about your lot in life than laughing at other people's failures.

Call me petty, but I'm being honest. So no matter how bad your day was, it can always get worse.

1. When you find such a good hiding spot for their packages, how can you expect people to find them?!

Reddit | hightechkid9

Seriously, put them somewhere a bit more obvious next time, okay?

2. They just don't build houses like they used to.

Reddit | starxidas

"Are you sure you're a real stone mason?" "Ummm, yeah, pretty sure." "Okay, I'm trusting you with the structural integrity of this building."

3. Well, I know your spelling didn't get "stronger."


You have to wonder if tattoo artists notice these things and just proceed, or if they aren't too quick on the uptake?

4. Just a regular gal trying to have a positive outlook on life. 

Imgur | h9290

Chances are this was Day One of living her best life, and by 8:02 a.m., she was back to hating everything.

5. Literally. She is literally photosynthesis.

Reddit | [deleted]

I guess you can say Ciara truly gives us life. Ha ha. I just made a humorous remark about oxygen. When you recover from laughing, you can move on.

6. If you're going to be a dirty cheater, do not undermine a woman's ability to dissect a crime scene.

Reddit | uhLuke_

She will find, tag, and bag that evidence faster than you could imagine.

7. You went in asking for a Conway Twitty tattoo (as one does), but you came out with that old lady from the Poltergeist movies inked on your bicep.

Awesome Inventions | Awesome Inventions

Stay away from the light!

8. This failure is accidental. It's also quite amusing. 

Reddit | steelflower

She looks like she just came in from the longest horseback ride known to man. "Howdy, partner. What can I do ya for?"

9. When a selfie goes wrong. 

Reddit | sweetsack650

That ape looks great in lemon yellow, though. You never know what is going to look great on you until you try it on. Seriously!

10. Strength might not be an issue, but literacy is. 

Some Cards | Some Cards

Come on, it's not like you should need an English degree to get or give a tattoo, but how about some basic proofreading?

11. When autocorrect changes your life, but more importantly, how you thought your night was going to go...

The Things | The Things

I'm cringing so hard at this that I can't even see what I'm typing.

12. When you need to play the odds because you aren't much of a gambler...

Instagram | @kalesalad

...but you quickly realize you have little to no idea how technology works, and the house wins.

13. When you feel super grown-up because you use an email signature now...

Instagram | @kalesalad

...only to realize that you are still the careless person who swore you'd stop being once you turned 25.

14. When you wonder if you can Winnie-the-Pooh yourself through a vent hole in your floor...

Instagram | @kalesalad

...and swiftly find out that you can, but that now you're stuck and gonna get busted.

15. When you figure there is no way Starbucks will mess up your name when you're so explicit about how it's spelled...

Instagram | @nochill

...only to realize that even specificity has its ambiguities, and you're left with this.

16. DAD!

Instagram | @kalesalad

It's vomit-inducing to catch your parents canoodling in the kitchen, but hearing about your dad's boner must immediately lead to at least six months of therapy. The horror! The horror!

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