8+ Companies That Went Above And Beyond To Make Inclusive Products

It's still a rarity in today's world to find companies that have accessible options for everyone, but that tide is changing.

Many companies have clued in that inclusivity sells, and now a whole new market of products is available to check out! From companies that support minority communities, to those who make products designed for people with unique physical needs, these brands have made massive strides to include everyone.

Let's see what they have to offer, shall we?

H&M actually donates the sales from their pride month merchandise.


Many companies love to slap a rainbow on their logos come June, but very few put money where their mouths are.

H&M donated $500,000 worth of product to LGBTQIA+ organizations in 2020, as well as $10 for every $60 spent in the month of June.

Guide Beauty makes makeup accessible.

Guide Beauty

Makeup artist Terri Bryant founded Guide Beauty after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. She wanted beauty to be more accessible, so she totally redesigned popular products to be way more user-friendly for people with special requirements!

Aerie makes an adaptive line called "Abilitee."


They provide stylish (and soft) products, including a soft sleeve to hold IV lines, an insulin pump belt, ostomy covers, and more.

Check out the entire line here.

Some Herbal Essences bottles have raised shapes on the back of them.


I can't believe every brand doesn't do this! This allows for the blind and visually impaired to differentiate between shampoo and conditioner. What a no-brainer strategy that all brands should adopt!

This feature appears on Herbal Essences' Bio:Renew line.

Fenty Beauty has a huge foundation shade range.

And most other products, tbh. Fenty set the blueprint for other brands to follow, and now everyone wants what Fenty's shade range has. Check out all their products here.

American Eagle has expanded their size range to include plus sizes.

They've been working to include more and more people in their brand, which is refreshing. I always felt left out of that store! You can check out their expanded size range here.

Aren't those pictured white jeans to die for?

Zappos has a massive adaptive clothing line.


Possibly the biggest retailer to offer a range of adaptive clothing, Zappos offers everything from easy on/off intimates to curated seated clothing options for wheelchair users!

SwiftKey Symbols is an app designed to allow non-verbal people to communicate easily.

Google Play

It's an extension of Microsoft's popular keyboard replacement, SwiftKey, and it's especially helpful for those who are autistic or non-verbal. It relies entirely on symbols to aid in communication! Learn more about it here.

Kohl Kreatives offers an entire line of bendable makeup brushes.

These brushes allow for ease of use for people who don't have steady hands!

"Giving people back that power and control that they sometimes lose was a top priority and inspiration to me," founder Trishna Daswaney, said to The New York Times.

Fluide is a makeup company for everyone.

The brand is specifically designed for people of all skin shades and gender expressions — no gendered products in sight. Because why should makeup be gendered in the first place? Check out their site for more info.

AccessNow is a searchable database/app for locations with accessibility ratings.


Not sure how accessible a restaurant is? Does a business provide ramps? AccessNow has the answers to all of that and more. Learn more about it here.

Elba London makes front-fastening bras.

They're designed for people with mobility or dexterity issues, and they're stunning. Not only are they accessible, but front-fastening bras just make WAY more sense. Get one here.

Be My Eyes is an incredibly popular app for the visually impaired.

Instagram | @bemyeyesapp

It pairs blind or visually impaired users with a volunteer or member of the app's community. The two users use an audio/visual interface to aid the visually impaired user to identify objects in their surroundings.

Tommy Hilfiger has an adaptive line called Tommy Adaptive.

Originally designed for children with autism in mind, Tommy Adaptive has expanded to cater to those with all kinds of different needs, from kids to adults!

Their website also features an entire panel for accessible navigation of their site!

Slick Chicks makes accessible intimates.

They open and close on the sides for easy on/off access! They specialize in panties, and offer them in a variety of styles and colors. Check out their site!

Anthropologie offers plus sizes now.

Yup, you can actually buy plus sizes at Anthro! I had no idea. Their plus size line is called APlus, and it's available in sizes XS-3X.

FFORA makes accessories for your wheelchair.


And all of it is SO chic. There's the pictured cup holder, the essentials set, and the active set. Each attaches to a wheelchair using FFORA's special attachment!

Check out everything they have here.

Victory makes adaptive swimsuits!


These are perfect for little ones that require a feeding tube, but still want to have some summer fun. It can be made with or without the feeding tube insert! Get it here.

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