17+ People Who Got In Some Last Minute Laughs

In life, it is always important to try and get the last laugh when you can! It's good for keeping everyone around you on their toes if nothing else.

And, the people on this list are masters of this art. So, please enjoy these 17+ people who got in some last-minute laughs!

"Our city is proud to have the World's largest TeePee. Someone vandalised the sign last night..."

Reddit | dspiral

No matter how old some people get, the prospect of making a sign read something to do with genitalia is never not funny.

Keeping Everyone On Their Toes!

Reddit | Mailing_a_Bear

This person explained, "My wife went to a pirate-themed charity bowling event but decided last minute she didn't want to dress like a pirate since she figured everyone else would be. So she went as a cannon."

"Last Minute Graduation Card."

Reddit | The_Jims

They are far from the first person to get done over by a shop with a poor card selection, and I'm sure they won't be the last!

"Our Virgin Atlantic flight was rerouted at the last minute, so we were put up in a Marriott for the night. The choice of welcome message was a bit insulting..."

Reddit | Toddy8989

As if having a flight being rerouted wasn't annoying enough! Then the Marriott is going to kick you while you're down!

"At The Last Minute My Son Told Me It Was Crazy Hat Day At School."

Reddit | Muthacack

I was always the kid who forgot to tell their parents about a project and ended up having to throw something together at the last moment.

"He thought he'd make it to the end before the bridge fully opened."

Reddit | schizoduckie

Thankfully he was fine, although I can't imagine he'll be trying this again any time soon! Talk about cutting it fine.

"After not taking attendance all quarter, my TA was out of town on exam day. This was the last question."

Reddit | dovahkid

Thankfully, the person who posted this went on to inform everyone that they did indeed get it right!

"Girlfriend asked me to throw away the box and packaging stuffs from our new bed frame before leaving for work, I did her one better."

Reddit | yellowcakecone

How early did they get up for work to manage this astounding feat of engineering?! All I want to know is how I can build my own.

"My son put the sticker from his glow in the dark shirt on my deodorant. I've [...] been trying to figure out why glow in the dark deodorant is necessary."

Reddit | jukedwayup

Well, why wouldn't you want deodorant that glows in the dark? If the choice is there, always get the glow in the dark one just in case!

"Lottery scratch tickets make good last minute Christmas gifts."


That is incredibly thoughtful! I mean, they not only got them the gift, but they did all the heavy lifting with the gift as well!

"I wish my girlfriend told me she was afraid of heights BEFORE going on the ferris wheel."

Reddit | smashmouthftball

That is one hell of a fancy looking Ferris wheel as well! Maybe she thought it was one of those ground-level Ferris wheels you see a lot of.

"Think before you ink!"

Reddit | Garfieldslasagna

It is staggering how badly some universities treat their students when it comes to menial stuff like basic amenities.

"Always remember to remove the cat before your flight."

Reddit | cakebeerandmorebeer

Yep, they took flight with a cat on the wing without realizing! The cat was fine, before anyone panics, however it was a little windswept!

"Got my friend a last minute birthday cake."

Reddit | Rwnt

There seem to be a lot of people out there who leave gift-buying to the last minute! I am appalled at this, and cannot believe someone would do this thing that I have definitely never, ever done!

"Note to self, check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon!

Reddit | cewallace9

The person who posted this went on to say that this thing had still cost them $20! However, they couldn't get a refund as it did say "Dollhouse" on it.

"A few years ago, a friend and I made false corpses with sheets before leaving our hotel."

Reddit | Canapin

I cannot imagine how many times the person who was tasked with cleaning out this room must have seen things like this. In fact, they've probably seen actual bodies!

"The moment before I was hit with my son's new drone."

Reddit | NoraRose_86

Judging from their kid's face, he already knows how much he has messed up! I remember getting a little remote control helicopter stuck in my mum's hair as a kid. She was not happy about it.

"This is what my boyfriend did to prevent me from snooping before he proposed."

Reddit | marypoppinacap

That's what you get for snooping around in other people's possessions! It's a miracle it wasn't anything more angry-looking!

"Renovating the house, decided to put this in the wall before its boarded up so I can give the next person who renovates the house a heart attack."

Reddit | BugsyShort

This is what happens when hide-and-seek goes wrong, kids! Never wall yourself into a small room for the sake of hide-and-seek!

"How many Gold Fish can you fit on your cat before it wakes up?"

Reddit | blevins113

There would be no way you could balance a single iota of food on my cat without her waking up and devouring whatever it was! This is very impressive.

"A picture of my friend's little cousin before and after his first day of kindergarten... broken."

Reddit | redditismybible

Wow, welcome to the real world, kid! You can be sure of one thing: None of it is going to get any easier!

"My brother and I were cleaning out the attic, but then I heard a scream following a loud crash and saw THIS above me."

Reddit | wtfitzjdoggwha

I like to see that they stopped and took the time to take a picture before rushing to help them... Classic sibling behavior.


Reddit | Spider_Tim

Yep, those are definitely pistachios. Whoever the person is who labels these really knows their pistachios!

"Last ditch attempt to dry my jeans ASAP."

Reddit | FuriousOtter

I wish that my pants had been blessed by God like these ones clearly have. They'll be on the roof with them next.

"Doc told us to write yes on the knee to replace before surgery. We took it further."

Reddit | notmyrealname3737

If I was a surgeon doing an operation like this, I'd make sure that the person going under could see a computer screen and then Google "Which way is left and right?" just as they drifted off.

"Thankful to this unknown man for striking a pose and for not messing with my camera set up after he stumbled upon it."

Reddit | burningxjeff

They also added a picture of a bobcat on the same log a week before, just in case anyone thought the man had then transformed into a bobcat by some miracle!

"Parents make mistakes too."

Reddit | 0NlXq

It's good to see some people trying to have fun with their yearbook quotes. Most of them are painfully saccharine.

"Got blackout drunk last night... my girlfriend helped me remember what happened."

Reddit | chadneidt

You know that your dog will always have your back. He was just trying to help destroy the evidence of your idiocy!

"I'm at wegmans and I see this."

Reddit | Joaquin1119

It's a good tactic. Penguins do seem to slip on the ice the least, and clearly it's all in their waddle!

Lemonade Out Of Lemons.

Reddit | pluggemr

If you have to live through what looks like the winter hell zone, the least you can do to cope is enjoy a few beers. You've earned it.

"How I'm turning in my two [weeks'] notice tomorrow morning."

Reddit | Dr_Duty_Howser

At the very least I'm sure they're going to miss your sense of humor.

"I see your point."

Reddit | nhelweg

I get it, but if you want to live so badly, I better never see you on your phone, or changing lanes irresponsibly, or one of the other five million dangerous things you could do while driving.

"Good old Scottish humour. Glad they see the funny side!"

Reddit | Groo32

Their A-frame sign matches the plywood covering the window too! It's like they were prepared for this!

"Noticed this on my receipt at the bar yesterday."

Reddit | craq_feind_davis

I'd take a joke on my receipts over the fine print for a survey contest I'll never do.

Someone's Not Happy.

Reddit | sivribiber

Just for the sake of this person's anger, I hope it was actually stolen and not just picked up by the wind or something. We wouldn't be able to handle them turning this fury onto Mother Nature!

"Eviction Notice."

Reddit | followmylied

An eviction notice in that font? Adding insult to injury I see. Humiliating.

"Noticed this while walking on campus."

Reddit | Nickyguy777

I wish a celebrity had gotten injured on my college's campus. Instead, the most interesting thing that happened was a bird flew inside once.

"Our office relocated some equipment."

Reddit | jbauer777

"If you hear some crashing and the sounds of an epic battle, it's just that shredder being dealt with, so don't worry."

"I noticed this silly pizza box bottom when I took out the trash this morning."

Reddit | Elise980

He looks so genuinely sad about it. "Aw, man! Your pizza is upside down. I'm real sorry, bud. How did this happen? Shucks."

They Kind Of Have A Point.

Reddit | chatterboxkpop

Oh, so bicycles can't be chained to the railing but that sign can be tied? Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

"[...] I noticed this on the bottom of my beer can."

Reddit | ace50421

That factory line worker was just so blown away by the amount of 12s on this can! Life-changing stuff right there.

Feels Like "I Spy."

Reddit | titirititi

This is perfect because when you find it, he's staring at you all judgy like, "Really, it took you that long to see me?"

"Forgot to check the height of the shower before moving in. The roof is slanted too which doesn't help."

Reddit | Kann0n

I guess he'll be taking baths from here on out. I'd invest in a bulk order of bubble bath soon.

"Hand sanitizer found at my chiropractor's office."

Reddit | StarfishStabber

There's nothing quite like the searing burn of hand sanitizer on a wound you didn't know you had to make you feel alive. And in pain.

"My mother made a Facebook account and this was her first message to me."

Reddit | Safferso

It's too late, she's connected herself to the interwebs. She's ascended into digital space!

"My dad was the only one at the office today, so he made this picture and sent it to my family."

Reddit | an_intellectual

At least some versions of him look like they're having fun.

"My nieces and nephew were excited about his crocs and they accidentally made their first rap album cover."

Reddit | mynickname86

I don't blame 'em for being so hype about it. Those are some sick shoes. Formal wear Crocs? Brilliant.

"Guy says he's made a hobby out of embarrassing his daughter."

Reddit | purplesock92

I spent so long staring at the hat that I didn't even notice the shoes.

"My girlfriend made me a jar of '101 things she loves about me.' As terrible as it may seem, I think this one is vital to a healthy relationship."

Reddit | NuclearThane

I don't think this is terrible at all. Mutual hatred of something or someone is the best way to bond in my opinion!

"I made a severed head hummingbird feeder."

Reddit | gositonaduck

Upsetting, adorable, and it brings the Halloween spirit all year 'round? I'll take two.

"Our dog died. [Neighbor's] kid made us a card. She was embarrassed by it. So she scratched her name out and wrote her [mom's] name instead. Was so funny that it actually cheered me up."

Reddit | jaykayak

And now you have this beautiful, photo-realistic portrait of him so you can cherish him forever.

"This made my Monday morning commute a little more tolerable."


I couldn't help but read this with an extra, "...right?" at the very end. "You are following the rules of the road like you should be, right? I don't have to tattle on you because you're being a good driver?"

"Sneak lvl 100!"

Reddit | IamTrentMorris

Did this person go out of their way to find and buy a t-shirt that matched these bus seats or do you think it was a complete accident?

"I think Brandon's enthusiasm for his job is waning."

Reddit | rr4455rr

And it took less than two months for him to get there. It's like jobs are speedrunning how quickly they can get their employees into a hopeless state.

"So after I swapped all the photos Tjmaxx took them all down and mailed them back to me with my final pay stub!"

Reddit | Unthgod

That's one hell of a way to go out though! I wish I had done something like this when I was leaving Costa. Hot damn, I hated that job.