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Cat Discovered Swimming In The Open Ocean Saved By Fishing Crew

Adventures are all about the surprises that come along with a journey but there is such a thing as too much of a surprise. I think we can all agree that camping is just fine on its own without finding a snake in your boot, for example.

But one group out for a day of fishing got a much more positive surprise with their adventure and it's definitely the sort of thing we can all get on board with.

A cat was just about the last thing the crew of Still Flyin Charters expected to find out in the open ocean.

Facebook | Still Flyin Charters

But that's exactly what they saw while out for an afternoon on the Gulf of Mexico on July 29.

Steve Crews, captain and owner of Still Flyin Charters, said that the cat was meowing and in trouble when they found it, according to Fox 29.

"He was struggling to stay up," the crew wrote on their Facebook page.

The crew managed to get a net on the cat and reel it in.

Facebook | Still Flyin Charters

"Our catch of the day," they called him.

They believe the little orange cat had been sucked out to sea by the tide. "We caught him just outside the pass in the gulf," they explained.

Before long, the cat was dried off and resting and recovering from its ordeal.

Facebook | Still Flyin Charters

And it looks like there was plenty of love and warmth to go around for the poor cat once it was safely on board.

The cat shouldn't have to worry about going for another swim anytime soon.

Facebook | Still Flyin Charters

According to the Facebook post, a deckhand on the crew arranged for a new home for the cat, so somebody is now looking out for the little guy.

As for the crew, they won't soon forget their rescue. "Can't say you see that every day."

h/t: Fox 29, Facebook | Still Flyin Charters

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