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15+ Things You Might Never Recognize

What you think you know can sometimes be your worst enemy. I find it happens most commonly on trivia nights, like that time I was so sure that "Dancing with Myself" was sung by Modern English, and it turned out to be Billy Idol like my teammate suggested. Whoops.

Similarly, these pics should be a good reminder to keep an open mind and not to let pre-conceived notions lead you astray.

This used to be a hammer.


I guess hammers do eventually reach a point where they've hammered so many things that they don't even look like hammers anymore.

Now, I couldn't say exactly what this does look like, but it sure looks like its best hammering days are well behind it.

It's kind of artistic, really.

Reddit | TheBlackKnightRises

It's a party foul that happens much too often: somebody forgot a beer in the freezer.

However, this time as the beer exploded, it also froze quickly enough to kind of capture the explosion, too. Wild.

Who knew?

Reddit | vpaander

That's not a marble or anything like that. It's breakfast. Basically, a chicken laid an egg that had no shell.

It's all membrane on the outside, making it squishy and transparent.

Um, that's the furthest thing from refreshing I've seen in a long time.

Reddit | MrBoddles

Some poor worker has a task and a half ahead of them because this is supposed to be a swimming pool.

Well, it is a swimming pool, just so filthy that nobody in their right mind would want to plunge in, no matter how hot it is outside.

I swear you know what this one is.

Reddit | natalie_lane90

Because we've all seen a duck before, right? Most of us just haven't seen one from below like this.

The webbed feet do kind of give it away but apart from those, it's hard to tell what it could be.

Perfection doesn't exi-

Reddit | DynMads

Sleeping cats have a magical ability to roll and contort themselves into some genuinely fascinating shapes, and some like this one can make perfect balls of themselves.

But this one takes it to the next level, lining up its coloring to create a solid white stripe.


Reddit | SadFatDargon

You could be forgiven for thinking that someone managed to crack a coconut open perfectly down the middle, because this isn't a coconut. It's a sea shell that has split open.

The pristine whiteness of the shell does greatly resemble coconut meat, too.

Purposeful confusion.

Reddit | Uitklapstoel

These things look like twigs and that's exactly how they survive, because they're actually moths. You can tell by the little feet poking out but other than that, you'd be hard pressed to say they're not covered in bark.

Hard to even say what's going on with this.

Reddit | Unknown_author69

Is it even organic matter or some kind of sci-fi/horror movie prop? Nope, this is just what happens when you leave a can of latex paint out in the sun.

A nice, rubbery disk forms in the bottom.


Reddit | JsonOnTheGo

This former tome has certainly seen better days. Now, this book is some super light reading thanks to some hungry termites.

Yeah, it's easy to forget sometimes that books are tasty to termites.


Reddit | runthedonkeys

I know, these little things greatly resemble hand grenades, but there's no need to have that kind of caution around them. This is just how caterpillars poop. Who knew, right?

That's a nice disguise.

Reddit | serdarist

I can't imagine how long it must have taken, but this city has outfitted one of its streets to look like a carpet. Look at all those bricks! That's some pure magic right there.

Yep, I see it.

Reddit | danageddert

The edge of that label makes it look like this soap is going to be shrimp-scented, doesn't it? I guess that would be different!

But it's just the way a peeled orange lines up here, so surely the scent will be more traditional. Pretty sure shrimp would not be a hot seller for soap.


Reddit | Mike-and-Bren

It's hard to even focus on this image enough to know what's going on. Really, it's just a crazy large structure that has been built from bicycle frames.

You can almost get lost staring at this pic.

What a colorful dandelion.

Reddit | paperisdelicious

Except that it's not a dandelion, of course. You do see some weirdly colorful pics of flowers through UV light sometimes, but this one was created by fireworks. Cool, no?

"I peeled a dragon fruit."

Reddit | Baldi_Homoshrexual

I guess the saving grace to this image is that a lot of people probably couldn't identify a dragon fruit at a glance anyway.

But this is just so much weirder than you'd expect to find inside any fruit, really.

This, too, is a fruit.

Reddit | Chazzadan

Well, to be more specific, it's a watermelon. I know, right? And it hasn't been carved for art, either.

It has a disease called watermelon mosaic virus that makes these intricate designs on their skins.

Kind of looks like a deflated volleyball or something, right?

Reddit | sgdl87

Nope, this is yet another fruit. Apparently, somebody left a cantaloupe in the fridge at their cottage for a few weeks and this happened.

I really would have expected more of a mess, personally.

If not for the Golden Arches...

Reddit | maximum_94

You'd never suspect that this building would serve Egg McMuffins, would you? It's always nice when companies aren't so tied to their branding that they can't see a way to incorporate old buildings into their design.

What's for dinner?

Reddit | nguyenkerry

Because we're getting a definite fish filet vibe from this image. Of course, it's not fish.

This is just a pot of water set to boil where the foam on top has those filet-like lines running through it for some reason.