16+ Pics That Show How Powerful Time Can Really Be

Time waits for no one. It passes by, showing its effects on virtually everything as it ages. I mean, you should see my face.

Sometimes the passage of time can seem overwhelming. But if it's any consolation, every person, place and thing feels the effects.

Ravages of dog.

Reddit | potatosteph

Anyone who has a medium- to large-sized dog can probably relate to this pic. Chew toys have a way of getting absolutely obliterated.

When there are multiple generations of the same toy, you can make fun comparisons like this one.

Good luck.

Reddit | Contrariwise2

This heavy statue of St. Peter has been rubbed by so many pilgrims over the years that it looks like its feet are melting. While it degrades the toes, it also polishes them, so I guess it's a wash.

An elderly car.

Reddit | slain86

The key to this 1999 Civic is almost not a key at all anymore. I've had this happen with an old car. When the key degrades enough, it'll literally fall out as you're driving.

Days of thunder.

Reddit | dominicmannphoto

This dirt racing track near Charlotte, North Carolina hasn't taken long to return to nature. Just a few years after the last race, the bleachers are being reclaimed by greenery.

Dolla dolla bills.

Reddit | damn_jexy

If you've ever received uncirculated money from the bank, you know how weirdly crisp and clean it feels. This pic shows the difference between $100 in circulated versus uncirculated dollar bills.

The same wallet.

Reddit | hikercarl

Believe it or not, these are both the same model of wallet. They were purchased at the same time 25 years ago.

The one on the right is ready for retirement, while the one on the left is ready to be used for the first time.

Time for a new link.

Reddit | Tito_Grande

A big metal chain comprised of big metal links seems like it should be indestructable. It probably would be, if it wasn't for the ravages of time. This link is clearly on its last legs.

Worn away.

Reddit | Mprovin

These pics show the same style and vintage of nut and bolt, only one is close to the salt water spray of the sea and the other one is further away.

Remember these?

Reddit | Dankmus

If you had an original iPod, and didn't put it in a case, the one on the left is probably pretty familiar. Of course, it started out looking like the one on the right.

Two decades of competition.

Reddit | Dardan311

This ping pong table apparently hasn't been replaced in 20 years, and it shows. So long as the bounces are still true, I don't see any reason to change things.

Unusual predicament.

Reddit | Pigeonman699

These two shots show the Sunken Church of Curon Venosta in Italy. Back in 1923, it was a functional church.

But now, under a century later, it's underwater thanks to a dam project.

One with the cobblestones.

Reddit | Svengelska1990

I don't know when this rug was first laid out but however long it's been, it's become so integrated with the cobblestones underneath that it seems to be gradually morphing with them.


Reddit | BoltActionRifleman

This post has been licked by untold generations of cattle for the better part of half a century. It must get seriously saturated with salt to be so popular.

Life on the road.

Reddit | Twisted_Shogun

This shows 28 years of sun damage on the left side of this trucker's face. It's kind of shocking, really.

I suppose the damage would be on the right side if this was a trucker from the U.K.

Balancing act.

Reddit | mixitymax

If rocks are shielded from the processes that cause erosion, they can stay virtually unchanged for eons. But for rocks that are subjected to constant ocean waves, the erosion happens surprisingly quickly.

So many answers.

Reddit | pairofcrocs

This well-worn clipboard shows what happens when you do three decades of crossword puzzles on the same board. The newsprint has certainly left its mark on the surface.

Just say no.

Reddit | complexlummox

If every driver is asked if they want a carwash and the vast majority of them say no, this is how things wind up looking.


Reddit | princeapalia

It isn't surprising that an untouched teddy bear has aged better than one that was well-loved, but it is a little surprising that the worn-out bear basically doesn't have a neck anymore.


Twitter | @scixpmas

Serrated knives are perfect for cutting certain things, but that serrated edge clearly becomes less and less useful over time. The knife on the right, with a sharpening, would basically be a regular knife.

All sparked out.

Reddit | TonyStark100

This pic shows the difference between a brand new, three-year-old, and 10-year-old sparkplug. After three years, there's a bit of wear, but not much. After a decade, though, it's clearly time for a new plug.