10+ TV Storylines That People Were Not Fans Of

Even the biggest TV fans can find one or two things wrong about their favorite shows. It's not uncommon!

These TV show flops usually have annoying characters, boring episodes, or confusing storylines that add nothing to the overall plot.

When this happens, it casts a shadow on an otherwise great show. Here are 10+ storylines that people were not fans of.

1. The relationship drama between Jim and Pam in the final season of *The Office*:


After spending nine years showing us what a soulmate relationship looks like, the writers did fans dirty by introducing relationship problems.

Jim came off as a jerk for lying about starting a business and Pam came off as selfish for wanting her life to remain the same.

2. The weird AF relationship between Dexter and Deb in *Dexter*:

While the actors were married in real life, it was still strange that Deb would be in love with her stepbrother who is also a serial killer.

Can we classify this as Daddy Issues??

3. The disappointing end to *How I Met Your Mother*:


This ridiculous ending has completely ruined the show for a lot of people.

They created suspense over finally meeting the mother only to kill her in the end. A lot of people were upset about it.

To add insult to injury, Ted went back to Robin.


Robin had just gotten divorced from Barney, so we can't even imagine how awkward that would be for their friend group.

To sum this up: It was an interesting show that got ruined in mere minutes.

4. Rachel and Joey’s romance on *Friends*:


Watching Joey try to take off Rachel's bra still makes us cringe. He was never her lobster!

Plus, it put Ross through a lot of unnecessary pain since these two decided that they're better off as just friends in the end.

Even the two actors disagreed with the romance.

“I think there was a moment when Joey and Rachel got together that maybe it could [have] happened, but it didn’t. It was Ross and Rachel all the way,” Jennifer Aniston told Elle in 2017.

5. Eleven finding her siblings in *Stranger Things*:


The whole episode where Eleven hangs out with her siblings feels like a fever dream. Did it really happen??

It was just so different from all of the other episodes and was so removed from the main plot.

The only good thing about it was that it showed her dark history with the Hawkins Lab.

Still, we really didn't need to see a punk rock Eleven and a lot of fans didn't connect with her "lost sister" Kali who had one-dimensional friends.

6. Luke discovering he had a daughter in *Gilmore Girls*:

The CW

There was a lot wrong with this. For one, April was annoying as heck. And two, this storyline caused a lot of trouble for Luke and Lorelai.

Before April came into the picture, they were headed for marriage.

But Luke decided not to tell Lorelai about April.

He soon became a massive jerk by not sharing that part of his life with Lorelai.

This eventually led to them breaking up and Lorelai marrying Christopher (which was short-lived).

7. Lily and Rufus meeting their son on *Gossip Girl*:

The CW

While it's great that these two finally got to meet their son, our issue lies with the fact that this storyline never really went anywhere.

It was such a major turning point in their lives and it amounted to nothing.

Kind of like Ben in *Friends*, their son was never heard from or seen again.

The CW

It also made Lily look really, really bad since she never told Rufus that they had a son.

When he found out, she still refused to tell him where he was. Altogether, just a giant mess.

8. When Reagan was a replacement for Jess in *New Girl*:

While Megan Fox had good chemistry with the cast, a lot of fans thought that she wasn't funny enough to replace Jess.

Her character arc was very clearly about her being hot and mysterious.

9. When Rachel gave up her dream Broadway role in *Funny Girl* to star in a TV show that got canceled:

This was a storyline that simply made no sense.

Rachel had always dreamed of being on Broadway and she idolized Barbara Streisand, yet she gave it all up? A bold move.

10. When Olivia got kidnapped on *Scandal*:

This was a really confusing storyline that the writers clearly didn't know how to wrap up properly.

For some fans, it was the turning point where the show just failed to keep people interested.

11. Michael coming back after he had presumably died on *Jane the Virgin*:

The CW

This was a huge slap in the face for Jane who had spent so long grieving the death of Michael.

So when he was brought back for only a few episodes, it just seemed unnecessary.

12. Izzie having a brain tumor that caused her to have sex with her dead boyfriend in *Grey's Anatomy*:


Maybe this storyline was payback for all the mean things Katherine Heigl said about the show?

Either way, fans would like to avoid watching a character having ghost sex if they can.

13. Ben's whole storyline in *Friends*:

His existence kept Ross tied to his ex, Carol, but the show could have kept these characters connected without a kid.

Besides, Susan and Carol were usually just rude and annoying.

Add in the fact that it was just so strange that the kid kept appearing and then disappearing.


Eventually, Ben was not shown at all, which lead viewers to believe that Ross was a bad father.

14. When Andrea was with the Governor on *The Walking Dead*.


It was about far more than the awkward romantic relationship that developed.

Once she realized she had to kill him, she had tons of opportunities to do so, and never took her shot. It was so disappointing.

15. Dan and Blair dating on *Gossip Girl*.


Don't get me wrong, I actually loved their friendship. It was so sweet and complex.

But once they started dating, it completely erased the idea that boys and girls can just be friends.

16. Fez and Jackie dating on *That '70's Show*.


We all know Jackie should have ended up with STEVEN HYDE.

It just makes no sense that all of a sudden she would have fallen for Fez when she never showed any interest in him for the entire show.

17. Daenerys Targaryen going full tyrant in *Game of Thrones*.

Was anyone not rooting for Daenerys Targaryen at some point?

To watch her go from the savior of the people to relentless dictator was more than anyone could handle. And the bad storylines involving her didn't stop there.

To watch her and Jon Snow get together, KNOWING that they were related was just...too much.

However, it was poetic that he killed her, but even then, no one wanted her to die.

The whole thing was just awful writing at its finest.

18. Kol being killed on *The Vampire Diaries*.

This would eventually lead to all of the original vampires leaving the show. From there, TVD would just get worse and worse.

Not to mention, it seemed quite strange that Elena and Jeremy managed to kill an original vampire.

19. Jeff and Annie dating in *Community*

The age difference was just so big, so it made the entire storyline very weird.

After all, she was 18 years old, and he was in his 40s! It was super uncomfortable to watch, no matter how good their chemistry was.

20. Mary coming back on *Supernatural*.

I have a lot to say about this particular mess. First of all, it has nothing to do with Samantha Smith's acting, just the storyline she was given.

Instead of getting to know her children, she decided to go off on her own.

And then, when they get separated in different dimensions, she almost stays behind because the people in that world "need" her.


Yes. She was going to choose strangers over her two sons who are trying to stop the apocalypse (again).

It didn't feel true to the Mary we had seen in the past.

21. The entirety of *Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life*.

While it may have been fun to revisit our favorite characters, we once again had to deal with Rory having an affair.

Why did that have to be her storyline? It really diminished her character.

22. Michael leaving *The Office*.

Yes, I'm still bitter.

The show definitely lost some of its charm as soon as Michael left the show. He brought a level of humor that they were never able to match again, no matter how hard they tried.

23. The ending of *Lost*.


Unfortunately, this ending didn't sit well with most people.

All that pain and suffering just to find out that the characters have actually been dead the whole time. It felt like a huge slap in the face.