10+ Cringe-Worthy Pics Of Home Renos Gone Wrong

If you're one of those people who is afraid of DIY home renovations, you're not alone. I am too. I've seen my share of things going sideways to know that renovations aren't a joke.

You need to hire professionals that know what they're doing. Otherwise, you may end up like these folks who learned the hard way that renos aren't to be messed with.

1. This Door

Reddit | madzi5

I dunno what kind of house this is, but I'm pretty sure the door is not supposed to be this high...unless this is some kind of dwelling that's only going to be used for squirrels, ha, ha!

2. This Drawer

Reddit | Master_Bater92

Whoever ended up installing this cabinet forgot one important thing: The drawers are supposed to open all the way. I would be so furious if the contractors I hired did this to me. This isn't cool, not one bit.

3. This Bathroom

Reddit | ani625

So, you opted for your bathroom door to have wooden slats. Well, judging by this picture, I think you might want to reconsider that choice. This is definitely the last thing you want to have for a bathroom door. No? Ugh.

4. This Shower

Reddit | lonehorseee

If I didn't know better, I would have guessed this was a house of giants. Why? Because I'm not sure an average height person could access this shower properly. I don't think you want to use a ladder there, lol.

5. This Fence

Reddit | B3PO1

This is what happens when the contractor you hired to do your fencing doesn't like to move rocks. I guess that's one way to get around this issue. It doesn't look pretty but I guess it's done. Yikes.

6. This Drain Hole

Reddit | VeeranSayee

I thought the whole point of a drain hole was to drain standing water in the shower... Was I wrong or something? This raised drain is never going to do the job properly. What a total waste of workmanship and money.

7. These Stairs And Balconies

Reddit | oddbennk

Can somebody please explain to me what in the heck is going on here? Are these stairs or balconies or...something else? Either way, I can't seem to make any sense of what I'm seeing here. Can you?

8. This A/C Vent

Reddit | Janeser6

So you want a little bit more of that cool air in your house by installing an extra A/C vent. Well, I bet you didn't expect to see one in this particular spot. This probably wasn't the most practical placement, considering it's right in front of a pillar.

9. This Wall

Reddit | Live_fast-eat_asS

I surely hope nobody paid for this wall fix. In my book, this definitely wouldn't cut it. You may as well just do it yourself if it's going to be done as crappy as this. Right?

10. This Stair Job

Reddit | xkelsx1

This is the perfect example to show why it is so important to know how to read blueprints. Otherwise, you might be just like this dummy who installed these stairs in a way that makes them totally useless.

11. This House

Reddit | fakeaccount572

It looks like somebody made a big mistake at work today. They actually ended up removing a load-bearing wall while renovating this house. And of course, the house went tumbling down because of it. There will be heck to pay.

12. This Light Fixture

Reddit | bownesh

I'm not an electrician but my dad is, so I know a job well done when I see it. This, my friends, definitely isn't that. I think this electrician needs to go back to school immediately.

13. This Cable Job

Reddit | lucalorenzospaghetti

I'm always baffled when people run cables around their door instead of the floor. I think it looks quite ugly. But this person took that task just a little bit too far. OMG, that's hilarious. Isn't it?

14. This Paint Job

Reddit | luka-_

Painting can be a hard and physical job. I know that because I'm friends with many painters. But that's still not an excuse to do such a shoddy job and try to cover it up so obviously.

15. This Shower Hole

pikabu | SMexD

So, some genius thought it would be funny to drill a hole in the shower that goes right to the pipe. I bet the homeowners weren't the ones laughing when they saw this. I would be so mad.

16. This Misplaced Door

Reddit | moonio2302

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a door is supposed to go under the awning? So, what in the heck happened here? Like this doesn't look awkward AF at all, ha, ha! Someone is getting fired.

17. These Paws


If you're trying to get your house renovated, here's one thing you'll want to avoid: having your cat run around your newly done stairs. I don't think this is a good look if you ask me, lol.

18. This Chandelier

Reddit | daaaangdood

Who says a chandelier needs to be in the center? Pretty much everybody, that's who, ha, ha! So I dunno what this contractor's excuse was here but it definitely doesn't look right. Does it?

19. This Plug

Reddit | vitaminrat

This is what happens when your entire computer and security system relies on this plug. Unplug it to put the cover on and you lose everything. Hmm, wouldn't it have been better if it had been done properly in the first place?

20. This A/C Unit

Reddit | DanKDogeYz

We recently got a new A/C unit installed in our bedroom. Somehow I don't think this is something I would approve of. Talk about an unusual place to put a unit. Don't you think? Wow, I'm not impressed.

21. This Cabinet

Reddit | AksTheGreat

This is what happens when you hire an amateur carpenter. They ended up forgetting to use anchors to steady this cabinet, and thus, it went south. I'm not a carpenter and even I know how to use those things, ha, ha!

22. This Bedroom View

Reddit | Mssmjc

Everyone always wants to get lucky with good neighbors. Am I right? Well, these people didn't win the jackpot as their neighbors installed a deck that looks right into their bedroom. Wow, talk about making things a tad awkward.

Wow, just when I thought I wouldn't see any more bad reno jobs, there are these gems to look at.

I sincerely feel bad for the folks who had to endure these mistakes. Better hire real professionals next time!

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