10+ TV Characters Who Really Didn't Deserve To Die

Saying goodbye is never easy. No one particularly likes change, especially when it involves our favorite TV characters leaving us forever.

Below are examples of 10+ TV characters who really did not deserve to die, no matter which way you look at it.

They may not have all been angels but that certainly doesn't mean that they deserved their end.

Dr. Mark Greene in *ER*.


Dr. Mark Greene was one of the most memorable castmates over the course of ER's entire series.

He was taken far too soon, succumbing to an inoperable brain tumor. His final episode still chokes me up.

Carl Grimes in *The Walking Dead*.

I was never a big fan of Carl but that doesn't necessarily mean that I wanted to see him go. Carl was the moral compass of the show, the undying light of optimism.

He deserved to make it to the other side.

Jane Margolis in *Breaking Bad*.


Jane had completely turned her life around before meeting Jesse Pinkman. She was clean, sober, and had a good head on her shoulders.

There is no denying she revealed an ugly side of herself but that was clearly the drugs talking! No one deserves to leave this world in such a violent helpless manner.

Maude Flanders in *The Simpsons*.

She was just on her way to the concession stand when WHAM! A stray t-shirt fired from a cannon takes her out of this world.

Maude was an innocent soul who wouldn't hurt a fly. She deserved better.

Bobby Singer in *Supernatural*.


Bobby was the closest thing to a father that Sam and Dean ever really had. He wasn't a perfect man but he always strived to do good and to help others.

May you find peace in the great unknown, Bobby.

Marvin Eriksen in *How I Met Your Mother*.


What makes Marvin's death all the more unbearable is that for the entire episode leading up to the big reveal, Marshall had been avoiding his dad's call.

It was a stark reminder for us all to cherish the time we have with our loved ones.

Special Agent Frank Lundy in *Dexter*.


Lundy only returned to Miami in order to hunt down the one man who managed to get away — The Trinity Killer.

He had such depth and integrity. Gunning him down in a parking lot just felt wrong.

Freddie McClair in *Skins*.


I hate it when show creators use great characters as a means to an end. Freddie's death was about sending a message to the audience, one which basically stated that good people die all the time.

Freddie deserved more than to be made into a political statement.

Edith Bunker in *Archie Bunker's Place*.

Edith Bunker is a remnant from a forgotten time. For decades, she was forced to live with a man who truly didn't deserve nor appreciate her.

But as rotten and repugnant as Archie was, seeing him pine for the loss of his wife and soulmate had me in tears.

Ben Sullivan in *Scrubs*.


What I loved most about Scrubs was how quickly the show could change direction. One minute, you'd be laughing your head off hysterically, and then the next you're bawling on the floor.

Ben's death was especially cruel because we were led to believe he'd beaten cancer only to have it return and take him.

Barbara Holland in *Stranger Things*.

One day there will be justice for Barb. She's arguably the most innocent on this list.

All she ever did was support Nancy and where did it get her? Eaten by a Demogorgon in The Upside Down — that's where.

Adele Stackhouse in *True Blood*.


Sookie's 'Gran' reminded me so much of my own Nana. She was a kind, warm-hearted, and generous soul. Adele never turned anyone away, not even if they happened to be a vampire.

She deserved better.

Ned Stark in *Game Of Thrones*.

Ned Stark's only sin is his naivete. His nature dictates that he must always do what is right, no matter what — even if that means sacrificing his own life.

Ned didn't swing the sword but he was the author of his own demise.

Oberyn Martell in *Game Of Thrones*.


The pure shock value behind Oberyn's death makes it even more unsettling. If he had just finished The Mountain off when he had the chance, he'd still be breathing.

Also, if you think his death is violent in the show —read the book.

Piney Winston in *Sons Of Anarchy*.


Piney was a crotchety, prejudiced old fool who drank too much and acted impulsively.

He was also one of the best men to ever wear a SAMCRO kutte. Ironic as it may seem, once he died the club lost its integrity.