10+ People Who Found Treasures Hiding Under Layers Of Dirt

Sometimes when we buy products, rent homes, or even live somewhere for too long, we neglect some of our things. After years, we have layers of grime, dirt, and dust that build up so high that we forget what our original items looked like. When we take the time out to clean and get under that dirt and grime, we discover that we had beautiful things that were hiding right before our very eyes.

These boots are made for walking!


One husband took the time to polish his wife's boots. “My wife’s boots have never been polished. This is only one coat of polish by the way," he said. They look brand new!

No one wants to bathe in that tub.


Apparently, well water doesn't do well on some white tubs. "This is what well water does to a tub over the course of a month. It required 4 hours of scrubbing," this Reddit user said.

Restoring old toys is priceless.


Older toys sometimes rust and look like they are artifacts that have been dug up from the center of the earth. Restoring them can make them look better than ever before.

That's a huge difference!


“Before and after cleaning my oven. It took some time, since the oven cleaner wouldn’t do a thing and I had to do it with just a metal sponge. Yeah, I can’t feel my arm anymore," the Reddit user said.

That stove needed a deep, deep clean.

That before is painful to look at, or even fathom cooking on. The after is something that we all deserve to see. Wonderful transformation!

A brand new and fresh start.


“I bought a second-hand ‘Mustang,’ cleaned it, and now it looks like new," this Reddit user said. I bet the person who sold it didn't even realize they had all of this sitting in their garage!

Looks like two completely different chairs, right?


Sometimes, all you need to do is power wash your backyard furniture. From gray and dusty to clean and sparkling new, a little water goes a long way.

A brand new wheel.


Motorcycles can take a beating when they are driving through all the dirt and dust on the road. Cleaning the wheels can make your bike look like it's brand new again.

Explosions on explosions.

“I’ve been putting this off even though it’s been on my to-do list for days, but it turns out it was nowhere near as hard as I expected!" said this Instagram user. Microwaves sometimes need a deep, deep clean even if it isn't high on our to-do lists.

We don't always clean our trash cans.


While we're throwing out trash frequently, we never think to clean them out. Seeing as trash is just going inside of it all of the time, we don't think it deserves to get cleaned.

Always clean the toilets!

Public toilets can be nasty. They get dirt, grime, other people's urine, mud, and anything else you can think of on them. No one ever wants to use a dirty public toilet. The minute it's clean and brand new, that's when it's okay to use.

Some antiques are worth buying when they're soiled.


“I bought this kettle for $4. It was all covered with grease outside and with rust inside. At first, I wanted to use it as a watering can for plants, but now it will replace my previous kettle,” said this Imgur user. Wow! It looks as good as new!

Brick by brick.


Walkways and stairs outside never usually get cleaned as often as they should. With the outdoors being as dirty as they are, we don't usually consider washing outdoor items. But, it can make all the difference.

Power wash everything!


Powerwashing is something that not many people do, but it can make all the difference. Moldy and muggy furniture from the patio and the yard can get green and gross over the years.

Always clean out your car.


We all know about car washes, but sometimes our cars need a super deep, deep clean. Get in all the corners and cracks of your seats and interior to make it glowing.

Sheds and trailers need some TLC, too.


The exterior of our homes and trailers can get muggy, too. The outdoors is not always kind to us, especially with storms and wind. Power-washing or hosing down the outside of your home can help a lot.

Artifacts need some love, too.


Antiques and artifacts are oftentimes left in the dust, super rusted out. If you wash it properly and get all of that build-up off, you'll be surprised by what you find.

It's not supposed to be THAT dark.


Wash and clean your tea pots and coffee makers! They can get nasty over the years. While it looks like it may have come that way, this is not supposed to be super dark. Shiny and silver is more like it!

Vroom vroom!


Give that old, beat-up car a whole makeover. You never know what you can do with some of your antique goods until you put a little elbow grease into it.

Clutter makes everything seem small.


Sometimes, the dirtiness is just clutter and mess. Cleaning up your clothing and junk will make you feel at ease and peaceful about your space. Take a day to pick up everything!

Showers don't clean themselves.


Some people think that because showers are filled with soap and water, they clean themselves. But they definitely do not. Bleach and clean your tub/shower so it'll get a deep, deep clean.

Antiques are always fascinating when they are cleaned.


“I found this pendant while diving next to an island in Tripoli. Pictures are of before and after cleaning. Now I want to uncover its history," the Reddit user wrote. I'm sure there is a lot behind this piece.

This gorgeous dress from the 1950s.

Old clothes from past decades can have some dirty yellowing and build-up. Instead of tossing it aside, this Instagram user used Biz and Oxiclean to get that color back to normal.

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