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10+ Random Things About Jana Kramer Fans Didn't Know

One Tree Hill actress, country singer, mom, and podcaster, Jana Kramer, leads a very interesting life.

She seems to have her hand in every pot, and we love her for it. But just because we love her, doesn't mean we know everything about her!

So let's jump into some random things about Jana Kramer that fans might not have known about!

1. Her first job was serving at a restaurant.

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"My first job, I was a waitress. I quit all the time and they kept hiring me back. No idea why. I would sit down at people’s tables and have conversations," she told Us Weekly.

2. Her most embarrassing moment happened at a Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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"My most embarrassing moment happened at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I’ll never say it out loud, but let’s just say the ambulance was called and they saw something they should never have seen," she said.

3. She is a big fan of the Kardashian sisters, in a very specific order.

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Hey, we all have our favorite little things, she can't be blamed.

"I really want to be best friends with the Kardashians. Preferably in this order: Khloé, Kourtney, Kim," she told Us Weekly.

4. Her first vehicle was an Alero.

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"My first car was a red Alero. I was the first one to get my license and I packed seven girlfriends in the car. We went to 7-Eleven for Slurpees," she said.

Now that's living life.

5. She starred in *One Tree Hill*.

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If you've never seen One Tree Hill — first of all, I feel bad for you.

Second of all, you missed an incredible acting performance by Jana! It was amazing to watch her interact with everyone on screen, the chemistry was amazing.

6. She admitted to *Us Weekly* that she used to steal clothes from the "One Tree Hill" set.

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"I stole so much from the One Tree Hill set. I took a dress Sophia [Bush] wore in the season 8 finale and I never gave it back," she said.

7. She is a country singer.


If you know Jana from One Tree Hill and you're not a country music fan, then there's a fair chance that you had no idea.

But she has had a few country bangers over the years such as, "I Got The Boy", "Why Ya Wanna", and "Circles".

8. She used to figure skate, and has always been a fan of hockey.

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Personally, I find figure skating to be one of the most interesting sports to watch.

"The Cutting Edge [1992] is my favorite movie because I was a figure skater and I love hockey," she told Us Weekly.

9. She is married to NFL player, Mike Caussin.

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Jana and Mike got engaged back in 2014 and said "I do" one year later, in 2015.

But it hasn't been smooth sailing since then, to say the least. But I suppose that not every marriage can be!

10. Her husband is a sex addict.

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But if you follow them at all, you likely already knew that little bit of info.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Mike had cheated on Jana with "multiple women" and was seeking treatment for sex addiction.

"I use sex for the same reasons that someone drinks, for the same reasons someone uses drugs," Mike said on Jana's podcast.

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"I used sex as my outlet," he added. "Why am I unhappy, when I had what I always thought I wanted to have."

"We were like the white picket fence, dogs, kids, beautiful wife and I was still doing things and living this other life that was throwing it all away."

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"The thing is, whether it’s once or a thousand, it doesn’t matter. I still committed those acts, I still caused pain and a rift in our relationship and hurt the woman that I loved, the damage has already been done."

11. She chose not to breastfeed her children.

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She mentioned on her podcast in January 2019, that she felt scared to bottle feed her son publicly and be criticized for it.

"I feel like I have to hide the bottle when I’m in public because people are judging me. I feel judged,” she said.

"FED IS BEST! You have all asked or commented wondering if I was breast feeding or formula," she added.

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"I have wanted to explain myself because I felt like I had to, especially in a world of shaming. But here’s my decision...I don’t have to explain [expletive]. I’m doing what’s best for me and my baby!"