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10+ Interesting Things About Rob Lowe Fans Didn't Know

There is literally no one out there like Rob Lowe. He's been one of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood since the 1980s and he continues to defy expectations as well as Father Time.

Below are 10+ interesting things about Rob Lowe that fans didn't know.

It is literally the most mind-bending, universe-altering list that has ever been written. Literally.

1. Rob leads an incredibly active lifestyle.

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When he isn't in front of the camera, Rob enjoys getting back to nature as often as possible.

The star has been known to enjoy horseback riding as well as golfing with his sons.

2. He LITERALLY loves football.

Don't forget teams, too! Rob loves every one of them. In his mind, they are the best!

I'm paraphrasing his caption, written from the perspective of Chris Traeger. If you haven't watched Parks and Recreation please do.

3. Rob's son is his boss...sort of.

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Rob's son Johnny began writing for his father's show 9-1-1: Lonestar. Episode 6 of the series was Johnny's first produced screenplay.

How meta is that? Writing a script for a show that your father is the star of?! Unreal.

4. He once got his butt handed to him by Keanu Reeves during a celebrity basketball game.

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Rob captioned the photo "That time John Wick dropped 22 points on me."

Thus proving, once and for all, that there is nothing on this earth that Keanu Reeves cannot do.

5. Rob was a founding member of the Brat Pack.

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For all of you Gen Y/Gen Z readers out there, the Brat Pack was a collective of young Hollywood actors who rose to prominence in the 1980s.

The group included Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald, and of course — Rob Lowe.

6. He LITERALLY started a podcast.

Can you guess the name of Rob's pod? I bet you can — it's LITERALLY! The name is a clever homage to Rob's character, Chris Traeger, from Parks and Rec.

On the show, "literally" was Chris' catchphrase.

7. Rob is a die-hard L.A. Dodgers fan!

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Rob loves attending ball games whenever he can — especially in the company of his son!

I wonder if Rob's still reeling from the Dodgers loss in last year's World Series? Still, I bet he was pretty happy to see the whole Joe Kelly situation unfold.

Wait a minute...just what in the heck is going on here, Rob?! What happened to team loyalty!?

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Rob wearing a Houston Astros shirt is a big faux pas — especially if you're a Dodgers fan!

The Houston Astros were caught in an elaborate cheating scandal that ended up costing the Dodgers the World Series!

8. He's an animal lover.

A quick scroll through Rob's Instagram reveals a lot. Photos of his many dogs have been known to make an appearance on his feed.

Just check out this hilarious video of Owen and Ed Ed the Chocolate head playing tug-of-war!

9. Rob is a spokesperson for Atkins.

Rob has been on Atkins for years. It's an incredibly popular diet that emphasizes low to no carb eating.

I'm not one for diets, but if I can look like Rob Lowe when I'm 50 (heck — when I'm 40!) sign me up.

10. He still keeps in touch with the city of Pawnee Parks Dept.

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Let's break down all of the incredibly wonderful things in this picture, shall we?

First of all, Andy (Chris Pratt) is wearing an Andrew Luck jersey. Second, Nick Offerman is making the most Ron Swanson face ever! Finally, the restaurant is named after Rob's film St. Elmo's Fire!

11. Believe it or not, Rob is actually 56!

I normally don't like to cheap out by including a person's age in my listicles. But Rob Lowe is the exception just because of how much misinformation there is surrounding the subject.

I'm more than 20 years younger than Rob and on a good day, he could still probably pass for my younger brother.

12. He's been touring and performing live shows in front of sold-out crowds all over the country!

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Rob wrote a book which he turned into a one-man show!

During his performance, Rob recounts the highs and Lowes of his historic career. See what I did there?

13. Rob is motivated by people like The Rock and Tom Brady.

“I’m always doing some activity and trying to steal from other people’s lifestyles,” Rob said.

“I love reading what Tom Brady is up to or what The Rock is doing. It keeps things fresh.”

14. Rob was stricken with *Tiger King* fever, just like the rest of us.

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Judging by the picture, maybe Rob took things a little too far.

His caption reads: "Rob Exotic. UPDATE: Ryan Murphy and I will be developing our version of this insane story. Stay tuned!"

Is it just me or is the likeness uncanny?