Quotes About Knowing What True Friendship Looks Like

I’m an absent sort of friend, which used to make me feel guilty all the time, but more recently, I’ve come to terms with it as simply being who I am.

My social group is vast and I get along with everyone for the most part, but my personal group of friends is much smaller. I’m an introvert and constant socializing exhausts me, but when I’m present, I am there 100 percent.

Which, personally, I find most important in friendships.

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If someone prefers a constant text conversation to be happening about all the weird little events of the day, that’s wonderful for them, but we probably won’t be compatible as real friends.

We can happily hang out in group settings and catch-up on life, but they’ll never be satisfied with my lower interaction and their constant chatter will stress me the hell out.

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But my close friends understand that even if they haven’t heard a peep from me for a week, I’ll drop everything if they need help.

And I know that they would do the same for me.

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If they invite me to a party and I RSVP, but on the day of, I have an anxiety flare-up, they understand, and when my mood has balanced out again, I’m happy to treat them to a coffee in thanks.

When something is going wrong, we are honest with each other.

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We apologize when we say or do something thoughtless and we inform each other when the other person is about to do something stupid.

And occasionally, we join into the stupidity because why the hell not?

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