Quotes For When Someone's Two Cents Isn’t Worth The Trouble

There’s nothing wrong with giving advice now and again. As long as it’s politely given and constructive, such a thing could be exactly what a struggling friend needs to hear to get out of whatever rut they are in.

However, too many people seem to think, for whatever reason, that their opinions on a given subject are the only correct ones, and that everyone else requires educating. Constantly.

Honestly, those people are kind of the worst.

They’re the type of people who see a goal with multiple paths to success, but insist that only their way is the best.

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These people are the ones who swarm the comments on posts about parenting, each with their very firm opinion on what is right and wrong about the issue. Others flock toward the latest political topic, or diet craze, or hobby forum.

To be clear, having an opinion on such matters isn’t a bad thing.

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People need to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts so that a proper, nuanced discussion can happen about the given topic.

Too many people these days simply forget that their opinions are just that, opinions, and immediately go on the defensive if someone disagrees.

This is bad enough in places where the debates have very little effect on the outside world.

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No one outside of a given fandom is going to be affected much by a feud between people who disagree on whether their chosen obsession is “the greatest thing ever made” or “utter trash.”

But this sort of polarization is encroaching on real, concrete parts of our world and culture as a whole.

From political opinions to medical choices, to gender and sexuality, to basic human rights, people these days seem more inclined toward the knee-jerk than the debate.

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We all make that mistake sometimes. Maybe we can’t solve the problem at a global level, but if more people took a moment to stop, listen, and consider the other side before reacting, things would improve.

And maybe, if someone else’s choices aren’t hurting you or someone else in a real, tangible way, don’t stick your two cents in without an invitation.

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