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15+ Wild Ideas That People Were Able To Bring To Life

It's interesting to think about but there was likely a time when just about everything in your home was considered revolutionary and new. Depending on how each tool and device you use came about, there may have even been some people who thought it was a crazy or dangerous idea.

For example, most of us simply see a train as a means of transportation now but people once worried that they went fast enough to make a woman's uterus fly out. Obviously, that's not a problem we have to worry about.

But while I doubt anyone is making such an outrageous claim about anything we'll see on this list, we also shouldn't be surprised if we see them much more often in the future.

I've always felt that leftover pizza is often as good as it was the night before and the mind behind this apparently agrees.

Reddit | WanderingIdiocy

And so we can see that they've made a modified pizza box that allows you to tear away the part you won't need to store those precious leftovers.

They obviously don't come standard yet but I'm a little surprised this idea took so long to come into the world.

Reddit | Linus117

Yes, this keyboard has a dedicated key for emojis. So even if you're not using a platform that lets you add them, you don't need to let that stop you.

And if you're using Windows 10, you can hit the window key and the period key at once to bring up an emoji menu.

One thoughtful library has included a poster outlining a list of tough topics that visitors may be scared to ask about.

Reddit | rfp0231

And the beauty of the Dewey Decimal System is that even if a library doesn't have this poster up, the actual numbers should work just as well no matter where you are.

Considering how many areas are short on parking spaces, it's strange that this idea isn't more widespread.

Reddit | Sapulinjing

In case it's not clear what's going on, each of these metal platforms that you can park on are attached to a hydraulic lift that helps "stack" vehicles above each other to save room.

Although I suppose they're not ideal if you're trying to make a quick getaway.

Since we still find ourselves in a situation where touching public items carries some risk, the staff at one Home Depot have set up an ingenious way to give us peace of mind.

Reddit | HopeThisIsUnique

Thanks to this system of pipes and bungee cords, a customer can step on the bar and squirt some hand sanitizer on their hands without actually touching the dispenser.

The uploader seems pretty proud of the way they converted this drum mixer into a barbecue but there's always room for improvement.

Reddit | NoJunkNoSouls

Because when someone asked if it still rotates so they don't have to flip their steak, they had to admit they overlooked a real opportunity.

From the looks of it, this chair is actually mounted to the boat so it'll be both steady and comfortable.

Reddit | No_Name_Canadian

Sadly, the only problem is that it'll probably get pretty smelly once it's out in the elements for a while. And I'm not sure what he's supposed to do with it when it rains.

What we're seeing here is the "leap of faith" waterslide in Dubai.

Reddit | St0pX

In case it's not clear, this woman is about to be sent down a chute that not only speeds her down a waterslide, but also through an underwater tube.

It could be the waterslide of the future. However, I also don't imagine it comes cheap and that'll probably influence how many places will have them.

At first, it's a little hard to tell why exactly this person nailed a sheet of plywood onto some two-by-fours in the back of their van.

Reddit | theraf8100

And the answer is that they didn't want to pay for a hotel room when they went out to the lake. So instead, they set a mattress on this homemade bed platform.

It was apparently a tight fit but it worked.

The uploader had the beginnings of a makeshift doggy door but it took one little suggestion to make it complete.

Reddit | matthalfhill

The leftover wood flooring made it so only the dog could fit through here, but the Ziplock bag wouldn't quite keep the elements out until someone suggested duct taping a weight to the bottom.

Apparently, Reddit user ImATardigrade1 had their name written on the tape in honor of their suggestion.

Since it can be tricky to figure out how much a serving is in practical terms, this company gave us a little hint.

Reddit | That_guy115

Not only did they translate it to a small handful, but they even defined how many candies that amounts to. After all, it's not like everyone's hand is the same size.

I can't say that most of us will need to pick mangoes in our lives but anybody who does will now have a handy way to do it.

Reddit | Palana

Apparently, they added that triangular notch at the top of this cut-out coolant jug to accommodate the mango's stem. I suppose experience taught them to include that little detail.

Sometimes there can be a pretty major difference between a big idea and a genius idea.

Reddit | MarshallMarks

The hot water tap in this bar couldn't reach the ice well to melt these cubes faster so they simply bridged the gap with this little plastic bin.

It's apparently a common design problem in bars for some reason, which means others have needed to use their ice scoops for this purpose.

Unless this setup came as the result of a lot of trial and error, it's clear that the mind behind this really thought it out.

Reddit | SilveradoSurfer16

I'm guessing the AC in their truck doesn't work, which then led them to install this bulky window unit. And since that can't exactly run on its own, they hooked it up to a generator in the truck bed.

I'm not necessarily saying you should try this at home but I respect the vision here.

I imagine we're seeing the result of a broken shift knob here, which makes their method of replacing it pretty endearing.

Reddit | clifforized

As they always say, it's not stupid if it works. It does make me wonder what this person uses to turn their tap on, though.

This may not be as practical as some of the ideas on this list but the execution is too impressive to ignore.

Reddit | leighkennedy

What they essentially did is recreate a child's drawing of a rhinoceros in Photoshop and the results are both kind of cute and more than a little terrifying.

This person recently moved and recently sprained their wrist, which meant they had a hard time finding their brace.

Reddit | Number5is_ALIVE

Because something like that could be pretty much anywhere during a move, they instead improvised with some reflective bands they normally use for motorcycle trips.

I suppose that'll do for now.

Although the sign is in German, the picture makes it fairly clear what this station is used for.

Reddit | lottBer42

It's unclear where exactly in Germany this is, but they've apparently figured out that you can automate a dog-washing station in basically the same way you can run a laundromat.

I can't imagine what happened to this bike frame to make this uncomfortable fix necessary.

Reddit | Usrname132

Hopefully, that duct tape provides more padding than it seems because the only way this ride could get rougher is if you end up with splinters.

This decision was probably made with marketing in mind rather than practicality but it's a pretty genius idea.

Reddit | HooniganMike

The only thing more powerful than a gimmick that stands out from the competition is one that taps into the nostalgia of your customers.

I'm guessing that's also why the vintage Coca Cola cooler is here.

As the uploader insisted, "This counts as a multi tool."

Reddit | golden-gorl

The pliers are the most obvious part of this Frankenstein-like creation but the handles have flathead and Philips head screwdrivers welded onto them.

And if you're wondering what that bolt at the top does, it makes the pliers function as a hammer.

A very stubborn stuck pin in this tractor loader forced the uploader to reach a new level of creativity.

Reddit | spiffturk

Although a saw, a sledgehammer, a pipe wrench and a torch couldn't budge it, it was no match for this homemade hydraulic press the uploader made using a bottle jack.

Although it bears mentioning that this woman's sense of humor was important to her, her headstone proves that all on its own.

Reddit | Burbada

We're not just looking at the wacky decision to put a parking mater on a grave. If you look closely, you can see that the meter says "Time expired."

All her idea, I'm sure.

Anyone can have an interesting idea but it can sometimes take some incredible skill to bring it to life.

Reddit | LargeSackOfNuts

For instance, here we have someone who carved the entire alphabet into a length of pencil lead.

Even getting this much of it together at once without breaking it was probably hard enough.

This probably won't quite work the way they were hoping but it's certainly interesting.

Reddit | GeneReddit123

They bragged that their way of heating the pool won't electrocute them and that's probably the best thing we can say about it.

Even if it somehow doesn't damage that wheelbarrow, it's probably not going to heat the pool that much. It's not that simple, sadly.

This diesel cap replacement isn't going to last long but it's a clever way to cap the fuel in a pinch.

Reddit | Howie2121

As long as it holds the fuel in for long enough to get a replacement, I suppose it doesn't matter that it's a coffee cup.

If this isn't your first time seeing a park bench with pedals on it, you've likely been to Barcelona, Spain.

Reddit | lucystrongarms

This interesting idea is apparently pretty common there and it gives people something to do while they're waiting for someone.

But as others have pointed out, there are probably a lot of people who trip over those pedals.

Keeping the gum's wrapper as you chew it makes it a lot easier to throw out but that's not so easy when your gum comes in a tub.

Reddit | FadeOfWolf

For that reason, the company that manufactured this one included a little book of blank paper to do the missing wrapper's job.

Pretty clever!

The uploader said, "Installed my anti-tailgater device today..." and they didn't just mean they left a loose wrench on their bumper.


The closer you look, the easier it is to notice the wrench is welded down. Of course, they're obviously hoping that whoever drives behind them thinks they're either that reckless or that forgetful.

It takes a far-away view like this to appreciate just how much work went into this makeshift theater.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I couldn't tell you how many bales of hay it took to make this but I bet its creator was super proud of the results.