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Disney's Selling An 'Ugly' Mickey Halloween Sweater That Glows In The Dark

If anyone knows how to do the holidays right, it's Disney. They're always coming out with the cutest seasonal merch to ensure fans can always rock Disney no matter what time of year.

Their Halloween 2020 line has some new surprises in store to get in the spooky spirit, and their "ugly" Mickey Mouse Halloween sweater definitely caught our eyes.

Tacky seasonal sweaters aren't just reserved for Christmas.

The kitschy cute trend is now bleeding into other holidays, like Halloween.

And Disney is hopping on the tacky seasonal sweater train.

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They've included an "ugly" Halloween sweater as part of their Halloween 2020 line.

It's called the Mickey Mouse Halloween Spirit Jersey, and it's filled with a spooky fair isle-inspired design.

The back features the script "Boo!," which actually glows in the dark.

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You can get it online for $64.99, along with one for kids and dogs so the whole fam can match and become the ultimate Halloween team.

It has interchanging rows filled with ghosts, moons, stars, candy corn pieces, bats, and various spooky Mickey Mouse characters.

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The color scheme is the classic black and orange that marks the Halloween season.

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