13+ Times The Universe Was In A ‘Glass Half Empty’ Kind Of Mood

The universe can be a great place at times, full of wonderful things that never cease to amaze us and keep us smiling! However, sometimes the universe can be a bit of a git as well.

And, with this in mind, here are 13+ times that the universe was in a "glass half empty" kind of mood!

"A bad day in my hometown."

Reddit | LordFapFap

You never think that tragedies will happen in your own town, and then out of nowhere a truckload of donuts catches fire.

"Depressed Zombie."

Reddit | Noisemaker73

See? There's no need to be scared of zombies. After all, most of them are armless!

One Hell Of A Tan Line!

Reddit | taylorcriss

This guy's expression conveys that he is as miserable as you would imagine a burn this bad would make you. Good God, he's gonna need some moisturizer.

"Go to the Grand Canyon they said, enjoy the view they said."

Reddit | SpittingoutDemons

It reads like the notice in front of them is also mocking them. It's rare that someone will have actually been to the Grand Canyon and will still never have actually seen the Grand Canyon!

This Sad Ball!

Reddit | Jensrc

I really like how it looks like it is just constantly saying, "Duhhhhhhhhhhh..."

"Girlfriend spent 2 years on this, only to discover one piece is missing."

Reddit | Clammyjar

Someone pointed out that this looks like a piece of existential artwork, and now I cannot unsee it!

"'Lets-a-go' he whispered into a half-empty flask."

Reddit | Font_Fetish

Wow, I feel like my childhood has just been ruined right in front of my eyes. I may never recover from this moment of disillusionment.

"DIY plumbing, apparently anyone can do it."

Reddit | aeromedic

Looks like they may need to call depressed old-man Mario to help them out with this plumbing problem... If he's up to it, that is.

"I guess their feelings weren't mutual."

Reddit | jeanheff

The person who bought those balloons will not be forgetting this day in a hurry! I mean, how could you?

"This sign I took a picture by on January 1st of 2020 seems to have been incorrect on its hypothesis."

Reddit | hooisergalaxy

I can just imagine this having been written by an evil time traveler, cackling to themselves the whole time they wrote it.

"They really embrace the negative publicity."

Reddit | branash13

Well, that is one way to turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength I guess?

"That's an unfortunate lighting outage..."

Reddit | MegaOcelot

Yeah, I'd be working incredibly hard to get that fixed as quickly as possible. That isn't a "We'll fix that next week" sort of problem.

"Wonderful sight to come home to after a month away."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Nothing screams "Welcome home!" quite like a big nest of hornets sitting next to your doorway!

"One hell of a bad situation!"

Reddit | TacoPvP

In my experience, nothing will stop a traffic warden from giving people tickets. They are inhuman monsters who thrive on misery and hatred.


Reddit | TheHerndog

Why would you be reading a book when your dog so clearly wants to play fetch?! Throw the ball, you monster!

"Sad day on Sesame Street..."

Reddit | kid10pitch

I always knew that they were keeping Big Bird around only to eat him one day! I knew it! And now I am incredibly sad to have been correct...

"Sometimes the real world makes me sad..."

Reddit | MCMasterFlare

Some people in the comments were nice enough to wish this couple a happy "honimun," which is really sweet.

"Lockdown renovations look so easy on Instagram."

Reddit | YouHaveGotRedOnYou

I actually can't work out if this is just the universe being in a bad mood, or whether it is the person doing the renovating being stupid.

"The bride was in tiers..."

Reddit | BritFire

If that were me, I would be throwing my entire body under that cake to try and save those macaroons from hitting the floor!

"11-hour day trip ahead of us. Seat sold as 'window seat'."

Reddit | nemchuk

I mean, you are near the windows, so that's something? Maybe they gave them a refund... Pah, imagine actually getting a refund from a transport company!

"My bird got into every single laptop key..."

Reddit | Jktranz

But, just look how pleased they look with themselves for having destroyed your laptop! Surely you didn't need that laptop that much.

"Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards and then..."

Reddit | dragonboy2734

As someone who is frequently losing their wallet and having to cancel cards only to find their wallet again, I am not in any position to poke fun at this poor person.

"God Dammit!"

Reddit | Jammy_Git

I hope that they are at least sitting next to a person they know instead of a stranger who doesn't want to share a TV.

"Teen left permanently scared [sic] with Mike Tyson's tattoo after using black henna."

Reddit | CigaretteNightmares

A lot of people were actually sharing stories of having reactions to henna tattoos, with one person writing, "My brother reacted to his henna tattoo when we were on a holiday. He now has a dragon shaped scar on his shoulder."

"About to finish this book only to discover that 10 pages are missing."

Reddit | AlphaPlutonium

Ah, well, it's not like the pages leading toward the end are that important anyway! Just take a guess at what happened!

"She knew better than me apparently..."

Reddit | [Deleted]

I wonder how she got out of that situation? I'd imagine that she just had to wait until it dried! Hope she's got her phone in her pockets.

"Behold, the 125 kazoos with our wedding date on them that arrived at our door the day we emailed everyone to tell them the wedding was postponed."

Reddit | rnilbog

Well, fortunately there are plenty of things that you can do with 125 kazoos! I mean, I can't think of any ideas off the top of my head, but there are tons of uses for them for sure!

"The printer exploded..."

Reddit | joshdyson

Why is it that printers are such universal gits? I have never had a printer that wasn't a temperamental nuisance!

"My sister was suppose to come over this weekend and drink hot cocoa with me, but she decided to spend it with her friends instead. I sent her this to express my disappointment."

Reddit | bloodfurn

It's her loss. Now you get twice the amount of hot cocoa, and all she gets is the joy of friendship and company. Lame.

"My drunk girlfriend was really upset about losing in 'Connect Four'."

Reddit | caz0

This feels almost cruel to look at. Like I'm witnessing a murder.

"My pig was upset that I wouldn't hold her while I was working at my desk, so she climbed up on the couch to stare at me with disappointment."

Reddit | iChasedragons

You have a pet pig and you're not using every waking moment to hold and cuddle and cherish her? Ungrateful.

"Wife left a note saying she left some french toast in the pan for me."

Reddit | priceky

Yeah, there's not really any salvaging this. If she'd poured a lot, you could at least toss some milk in and just have cereal.

"He was sad because he thought we threw away his dirty bed, but it was just in the washer."

Reddit | Senor_Suenos

By the time you get his bed out, he'll be attached to the basket, then you'll have a whole new issue on your hands!

"She was so sad I was leaving."

Reddit | Gam_Sushi

I know she's sad, but this face reads as so tired and apathetic. I can only imagine a, "Wait, no, don't go, I need you," in a very deadpan voice.

Quite The View.

Reddit | treetrunk30

Have you ever wanted to sit but also develop neck cramps from looking at the actual view? Well, now you can! Introducing this poorly planned bench!

"Sad bear popped a hole in my friend's pool."

Reddit | MattSayar

Black bears are massive, deadly creatures who certainly have to ability to tear people to shreds, but I still want to run up and give it a hug. It looks so bummed!

"This Pomeranian apparently got so upset with his new haircut that he started standing and walking around on his hind legs after he got back from the groomers...for 2 days."

Reddit | nativeneko

By shaving away some fur, you gave the demons just enough space to enter his body and now he's possessed. Good luck.

"Let's turn that frown upside down."

Reddit | snackdaniels

So you're saying if I flip a Jeep, I'll get beer? Alright, I've got some parking lots to scour through.

"Life's disappointments continue."

Reddit | rrsafety

If I can't be given a pyramid in my waking life, the least I could hope for is getting one once I'm dead.

"I'm not sure what happened here, but I'm kinda sad i wasn't invited."

Reddit | Snoman182

At least if you got too drunk at this party, you wouldn't need to go far to find the bathroom!

"Even the License Plate is Sad."


Not so much sad as it is kinda miffed. "Aw dang, this sucks. Like...ugh."

"Well that's a let down."

Reddit | mainmaster11

At least you can turn around, gather up all that hope again, and go try somewhere else!

"Craft coffee gets sad when you drink it."

Reddit | Didyourlipjustfart

If you are also wondering why this "coffee" is red, the person who posted this added, "It's craft coffee. The top layer is red velvet cream, coffee is underneath."

And, Christ, I hate the term "craft coffee"!

A Terrifying Future.

Reddit | landerscramps

Is this over the minivan, or just in general? Because I say it's about time we start a campaign to make minivans cool as hell.

"A customer came into autozone asking for blinker fluid. He handed me this and said it was about half empty."

Reddit | ehanda21

I wonder if they even bothered explaining why they were wrong, or if they just got them a new one and said that they had filled it up?