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8+ Romantic Comedy Characters Who Deserved Way Better

Romantic comedies are known for their picture-perfect endings. Two star-crossed lovers always find their way back to each other in the end.

Cue the fireworks and that sunset.

But sometimes, we get so lost in the magic and whimsical romance of these films that we fail to see that some characters deserved a lot better. Here, we seek redemption.

1. Kimmy from *My Best Friend's Wedding*:

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This was probably the first movie where viewers saw Julia Roberts as was the accidental villain.

She was so against Cameron Diaz's character, even though she did nothing wrong to deserve so much sabotage.

All Kimmy did was fall in love with a man.

That's it, and yet, she had to deal with her fiancé's BFF trying to steal her future husband out from under her.

Not cool, Julia! While everything worked out in the end, but revenge plotting wasn't necessary.

2. Ms. Norbury from *Mean Girls*:

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As far as teachers go, Ms. Norbury was one of the best.

She made Cady feel welcome when she arrived at her first-ever high school and even encouraged her to pursue math because she believed in her.

But what does Cady go and do to repay her??

She says that she's a drug pusher!

Saying that someone sells drugs is a serious offense — one that could have ended Ms. Norbury's career — but Cady didn't care.

3. Andi and Ben from *How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days*:

While it's one of the best rom-com's of all time (I'll fight anyone who says otherwise), it's sad that both Andi and Ben practically schemed their way into each other's lives.

The foundation of their relationship began with a foundation of distrust.

That's no way to start a relationship! Plus, how would they ever possibly tell their kids their love story one day?

They both deserved a sweeter beginning than that.

4. Simon from *As Good As It Gets*:

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Poor Simon goes through a lot in the film.

In addition to having the cranky Melvin as his neighbor (that's rough enough as it is), he has his house broken into.

This tragically leads to him getting attacked and ending up broke.

To make matters worse, he had to have Melvin take care of his dog for a while.

It was so heartbreaking when the dog didn't want to go back home with Simon.

5. Ethan from *Something Borrowed*:

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This poor guy!

He had feelings for Rachel the entire time but had to sit back and painfully watch while she had an affair with her best friend's fiancé. He even covered for her!

Then, when Rachel flew out to London to see him, he confessed her feelings to her.

Instead of this being a sweet moment, Rachel was so swept up in her own problems.

This meant that poor Ethan ended up with no one in the end.

6. Summer from *500 Days of Summer*:

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It's one of the greatest indie rom-com's out there, but this movie did her dirty.

Since it was done from the POV of a heartbroken man, Summer was made out to be a heartbreaking wench.

In actuality, she had been clear about her feelings the entire time!

She said that she didn't want a relationship, which means that homeboy should have taken the hint.

Plus, she shouldn't be expected to fake feelings that she just didn't have.

7. Kathleen Kelly from *You've Got Mail*:

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She totally deserved better since Tom Hanks' character did her dirty.

He put her bookstore out of business and lied to her about his real identity for the majority of the movie! Not so romantic.

8. Lon Hammond from *The Notebook*:

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While it was so romantic seeing Allie and Noah find their way back to each other in the end, the moment was bittersweet.

That's because Allie had to end her engagement with James Marsden's character.

He was a man who had been nothing but patient, kind, and so loving.

Allie should have told him that she was going to see her ex for a while and she definitely should not have cheated on him.

That is not okay.

9. Duckie from *Pretty in Pink*:

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This guy worshipped the ground that Andi walked on.

He was always there for her, never judged her, and just wanted to make her happy. And yet, he was friend-zoned to the max.

Just like Nathan from *Something Borrowed*, he had to sit back and watch as the woman he loved fell in love with someone else.

At the end of the movie, he even had to give her away one last time.

How depressing is that?!

10. Jane from *27 Dresses*:

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She was the epitome of "always the bridesmaid, never the bride."

While she got her fairytale wedding in the end, getting there was no picnic — not as long as her bratty younger sister was involved.

That's because her little sister ended up lying about everything and falling in love with Jane's boss/crush!

This put Jane in the awkward position of having to cover for her while she lied about everything and acted like a complete bridezilla.

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