16+ Surprises People Weren't Prepared To Find

Life is full of little surprises. Some might lead to a bigger mystery while others basically amount to a jump scare. In any case, these things are unexpected — that's what makes them surprises, after all.

It's time to delve into the world of stuff that's surprised other people, which in turn might just surprise you.

Still rendering.

Reddit | Kraynix

This leaf has some kind of disease that causes its pigmentation to be all over the place, but it really just looks like it's weirdly pixelated.

Front and back.

Reddit | peggybackbitch

In 1990, when The Simpsons was the hottest show going, Rolling Stone got in on the action. It's super weird that they went with this treatment on the back cover. They could have fit an ad in that space!

Not fooling anybody.

Reddit | AsphaltsParakeet

For whatever reason, these security cameras have been disguised as birds. I can't imagine anyone who's ever walked under them has mistaken them for metal, wired-up birds, but whatever. It's still creative.

Retro surprise.

Reddit | BiggelsonWiggelson

Today, Chichen Itza is one of Mexico's most famous sites. But in 1892, when it was rediscovered, it looked like a small hut on top of a big, foliage-covered mound.

Ghosts of the past.

Reddit | GeneReddit123

This painting of Charles II of Spain was actually painted over an earlier painting of the young monarch. This was fairly common back in the day, as art supplies were expensive.

Almond flour.

Reddit | Buford-T-Justis

A colony of ants has completely gutted this almond, leaving nothing but its shell and a big pile of almond flour. It's wild how they've left the outer part almost entirely intact.

Artsy woodpile.

Reddit | im_y0g1ta

Woodpiles are usually ramshackle affairs, but this one elevates the concept into something that's basically art. It's also a sad reminder of how many trees get cut down every day.

For those with long arms.

Reddit | Chwk540

This unusually long-armed chair, spotted in an antiques chair, was designed for people who ride horses all day. They could lean back on the sloped chair while propping their swollen legs up on the extended arms.

Spiders are getting creative.

Reddit | juliogp9

This spider web was flash-frozen during a sudden winter storm. The end result makes it look like the spider has learned how to crochet its webs into doilies.


Reddit | VersaceRabbit

Considering water flow can carve out spaces like the Grand Canyon given enough time, it shouldn't be too surprising that centuries of dripping water droplets can slowly wear away a castle.

Cute colonel.

Reddit | gcanyon

We're used to KFC's Colonel Sanders looking like a respectable older gentleman, but in Thailand, the Colonel's a little different. Most noticeably, he somehow got swole while eating nothing but fried chicken.

Weather the storm.

Reddit | GabrielTheSinner

Just imagine being on a ship at sea and seeing this looming on the starboard side. Turns out it's a massive dust storm, carrying tons and tons of sand and dirt miles out to sea.

Echoes of the past.

Reddit | harmonyprincess

This nearly century-old home had some of its wallpaper ripped away, which revealed the intricate design of the original walls. I'd love to see what the rest of the room looks like under the wallpaper.

Standing out.

Reddit | abm_99

I've heard of blue raspberries before (yes, they're actually a thing), but I've never seen or heard of yellow raspberries. Apparently they're just as tasty, but have an aftertaste similar to that of plums.

Easy fishing.

Reddit | noDUALISM

There's an almost disturbing number of carp in this pond. I realize they're probably able to propagate because they have no natural predators here, but how is there enough food to feed them all?

A tiny ecosystem.

Reddit | gangbangkang

The train always stops in the same place at this station, and its air conditioner is constantly dripping. This has created a tiny patch of life in the spot where the A/C drips.


Reddit | Jimbobler

This audacious little squirrel was photographed in the midst of an adorable crime spree. Apparently it dashed into this store, picked out some candy, and dashed out — all without paying, of course.

Vacay, 1905 style.

Reddit | LickNux

The person who posted this found an antique guidebook to Paris, which was interesting on its own. What was really fascinating, though, is the fact that this old-timey handwritten itinerary was tucked inside.


Reddit | stegaBOB

It's always a hassle to find the pump when you need to inflate a ball, but this basketball doesn't have that problem. The little widget sticking out of it is a self-contained pump.

Groovy beans.

Reddit | optimistrhyme11

These purpley-pink beans were found inside a runner bean plant. The gaudy pattern reminds me of 80's fashion. I wonder what nutrients go into these beans' vivid colors.

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