13+ People Who Need To Explain Themselves

The world can be an incredibly boring place. I mean, no one wants to acknowledge it, but it is the case! However, every now and then there is something that completely baffles us!

And so, with this idea in mind, here are 13+ people who need to explain themselves.

"Of course teachers teach like this..."

Reddit | rereese

I mean, I'm sure that most teachers would recognize that this is a horrifically complicated way of trying to teach math. However, I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few teachers who tried this method.


Reddit | TheNetJedi

I don't know why anyone would want to use this but I can absolutely see one of my mates trying to play "Sweet Child Of Mine" on this while whizzing.

Introducing... Picnic Bear!

Reddit | biscoitospock

This bear looks like it has seen some truly awful things. I like how the box says, "It drinks!" and you can absolutely tell it drinks heavily by looking at it!

"My office does weird giveaways."

Reddit | MKE1138

Just fill that box up with milk and you've got yourself a lovely bowl of cereal! I love it when I get free cereal at work!

"Let me do it!"

Reddit | ThereInSquatsTheToad

Make sure you always remember to tip your attack waitresses! If you don't...well, I think you know what will happen!

Dear God, No!

Reddit | aiden66

If the choice was walking somewhere or driving in a car that had this, I would walk any day, no matter how far the distance!


Reddit | ihate_eggs

I mean, it does have a filter, but I could not bring myself to use it! There were tons of parents in the comments saying that they swear by these things...and that is just horrifically upsetting to me.

"Tire Glitter is about to pollute the roads!"

Reddit | zotti_d

As if it wasn't annoying enough when you got glitter in your carpets at home, now it will be all over the roads as well, blowing around in the wind!

"Why does this exist?"

Reddit | Mrfusion__

This is surely only aimed at adults who really hate their kids, or who really hate themselves!

Mmmm, Delicious!

Reddit | ktogrady

I hate it when I have to debone a banana! Actually, now that I read that sentence back I can see a lot wrong with that statement! Moving on...

"Dr. Pepper scented tissues..."

Reddit | Mnmsaregood

I have always hated Doctor Pepper. It tastes like soda that hates you and wants you to die. So, the idea of these is absolutely repugnant.

"Children exclamations translated into food items."

Reddit | Vthero7

What the hell is a bagel dog? Also, $4.25 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich seems a little steep!

"I didn't realise there was a gap in the market tbh..."

Reddit | [Deleted]

Ah yes, I've been craving scented scissors for years now. I can finally live this unsettlingly dangerous reality that I've always wanted to live where I shove scissors up my nose!

"An interesting cutting board..."

Reddit | IceWolffy

Dude, why are you giving your bird the dregs of your bread? You should be feeding your bird properly, not having it live on scraps!

"Bone Alone, for when you need a dog version of a famous film & want it to sound like a lonely porno."

Reddit | oKKrayden

Wow. Now, I have seen some garbage-looking films in my time, but this one takes the prize for downright worst-looking. How did they not see the problem with that title?

"This makes me want to cry..."

Reddit | The_Moon_Slayer

Just looking at this makes my eyes itch. Why would anyone ever want, need, or make these abominations?!

"It's time o'clock."

Reddit | normiesreeeeeeee

Just don't even bother putting the pictures around the outside. How hard it is for people to make ordinary, down-to-earth clocks?!

"Because why wouldn't you want to play around with fake [chili]?"

Reddit | kirstasty

I wonder why they felt like they had to put a "choking hazard" warning on something that looks and feels like real food?

"Sausage and mashed potato birthday cake."

Reddit | ProfStorm

I'm so torn between thinking that this is a genius idea and thinking that this is an offence to sausage and mash...

"This chicken nugget dispenser at my campground..."

Reddit | kyleet0

I imagine that this is a lot of kids' idea of heaven! I cannot imagine how many chicken nuggets I would have eaten if I had had access to this thing as a kid!

Tattoos For Your Baby!

Reddit | EMF911

Just...why on Earth is this a thing? I honestly cannot fathom why anyone would buy these horrifically tacky things!

"Really gotta hand it to them with this bike seat."

Reddit | Finn_Kellam

Ah, yes! I have always wanted for my bike seat to be able to grab my backside as I rode along. How horrifically unsettling.

"So I found my 9 year old's 'lost' Yoshi toy in my freezer."

Reddit | d8ms

It looks like this person's child has some unresolved issues when it comes to Yoshi...which is pretty weird!

Nope... Don't Like That!

Reddit | Hydroponically

There are so many hideous flavors of jelly beans out there. Have you ever tried the "gourmet" flavors? There are some shockers in there!

"Grass sandals! The name Jardinelo in Portuguese translates to something like 'garden + flip flops'."

Reddit | lesseps2001

Why would you want to walk on real grass in sandals when you can walk on fake grass on top of sandals?!

"Riding Mower air freshener..."

Reddit | heycarla

But, why would it not be advertised as "freshly cut lawn" instead of "riding mower"?

"Mexican restaurant with chilled toilet paper..."

Reddit | LeviHoff29

I dread to think what kind of things they are putting in the food there if they feel that this is a necessary precaution!

"Such is the life of a sound designer..."

Reddit | jpneufeld

Well, it's either that or this is the best cover for whatever weird stuff it is that they are actually doing in there!

"An outstanding display of redneck engineering."

Reddit | SilveradoSurfer

Surely just having your windows down is easier, cheaper, and way less hassle than this.

Unexpected Guest.

Reddit | Gamers_Against_Thots

He looks like he's patiently waiting for the opportunity to object. He has many thoughts about this marriage.

"Solitaire playing cards."

Reddit | SpecialEdShow

Aren't all playing cards "solitaire" playing cards? I get these are all pixelated but...they're not the only cards you can play solitaire with.

"Turned down an aisle at Target to see this."

Reddit | udjemsjsjsusijdjdidi

I wouldn't worry too much, Leonardo. Something tells me those guys are gonna miss.

Some Special Modifications.

Reddit | boomboxbong

I think the only thing better than this would have been one tiny graduation cap on each spike.

"A duckbill-shaped muzzle for your dog."

Reddit | zoltecrules

Have you ever needed to muzzle your dog and thought, "Actually, I want to humiliate them further"? Boy, do I have the product for you.

"Wow, impressive."

Reddit | vabanque

I get that you usually don't even need that much time to shave, but it's the way they're advertising this like it's some huge, amazing feature that's astounding.

"Asparagus flavored ice cream."

Reddit | mekanistik

Have you ever wanted the taste of vegetables without any of the nutritional value? No? Of course not! You're a normal person!

"So I guess they just kinda throw it out there now."

Reddit | mundentime

Losers need an income too! Good on Taco Bell for putting out the call.

"In Colorado, snow during the month of May can lead to some weird things."

Reddit | Littlegriznaves

Mother Nature, what the hell are you up to here? Explain yourself immediately as this is completely insane!

"Wasn't expecting much, but I am pleasantly surprised with the taste."

Reddit | BeagleWorld

I, personally, think fruit should just taste like fruit. I don't trust anyone trying to change that natural order.

"A fidget spinner phone."

Reddit | the90day

One person asked if it charged by spinning it, and if that is true then that is actually quite incredible. However, I highly doubt it!