17+ Moments That Convinced Us We’re In An Alternate Universe

Every now and then the world will throw you a curve ball that will make you reconsider what is real. Well, it does for me, as I'm constantly hoping that I will wake up from the nightmare that is 2020 back in bed at the end of 2019.

Anyway! Please enjoy these 17+ moments that convinced us we're in an alternate universe!

"New job openings!"

Reddit | buxtonra

I always wanted to be a swan when I grew up. Oh, wait, or should I say, "Honk Honk, Honk-Honk!!!"

*Screams In Airplane...*

Reddit | bostonlilypad

This is really unsettling. I don't know what's worse: the human face with grate teeth, or the plane face with human teeth?!

"Birds Aren't Real."

Reddit | LittleBastard

Pfft, I've been saying this for years! Wake up, people! The birds are spying on you...when they're not stealing your food.

"My son feeding his fake dog goldfish while his real dog sits outside, pissed."

Reddit | forester1983

"Look at that damn toy getting all of those treats, just because it doesn't have a functioning nervous system! Damn kiss ass."

"Oh, the well-known Why Not chain of restaurants."

Reddit | Hakuna_Ratata

"Dave, when I said get us a sign for the shop..."

"Yeah? What, do you not like it?"

"I never said I don't like it, but I've got to ask, did you steal it?"


"A local car dealership. How they haven't been sued is far beyond me."

Reddit | SirPancakeFace

Somewhat unsurprisingly, one person who knows this place added, "The owner even calls himself 'Shrek' and the local commercials make me cringe. And if I am not mistaken, he got arrested last year for theft."

"Did I wake up in a parallel universe?"

Reddit | 25_M_CA

That dog knows that it is higher up the hierarchy in this family than the child! Just look at that smug face!

"A delicious part of an alternatively balanced diet."

Reddit | agangofoldwomen

I'd actually probably rather have a real carrot than Cheetos. And yes, I know that's weird, but I just don't like Cheetos!

"Local church keeping it real."

Reddit | jenntruelove

There is a lot to unpack here, and I'm just gonna go right ahead and leave it well alone and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

"They also got branded hard hats, but they still needed real protection."

Reddit | turbulenttimbits

Ah yes, engineering students are well known for getting laid after all, ha!

(He says, having once been an incredibly socially anxious English student...)

"The 80s ⏤ when being drunk in the bathroom was a real challenge."

Reddit | ChrisMess

I think that, even if I weren't drunk, I would still likely be sick if I went into this bathroom! Why would you do this to yourself?

"Even seagulls are social distancing."

Reddit | GameJoch

What bizarro world are we living in where seagulls are no longer asshole food-snatchers?!

"A Rubik's cube that can never be wrong."

Reddit | iAwesome404

Every Rubik's cube can be as easy as this one if you just peel all the stickers off them!

"Back in my day the struggle was real."

Reddit | HeathenBarbie

Wow, I got a huge nostalgia trip just looking at this picture. Christ, Spotify is so much easier.

"The critically acclaimed sequel!"

Reddit | shmoople02

This alternate universe that we're living in is starting to look a lot more radical than the previous one! And yes, I just said radical.

Until What...?

Reddit | FELIX222xxx

I don't know why, but I can't help but find this sign oddly threatening? Is that just me or does anyone else feel like that?

"I've been lied to my whole life. HE IS REAL."

Reddit | darkmakeslight

I mean, on the one hand, it's great that Thomas is real, but on the other hand, it isn't great that someone appears to be kidnapping him!

"Didn't know the 'ancient ways' were so extreme."

Reddit | Bluehusky

Nothing is better for transporting open containers full of gold and coal than a train doing loop-de-loops!

"This toy is too real..."

Reddit | dontflyaway

Ah yes, this is truly incredibly funny and not in any way truly depressing. Yes, how we laughed.

"Boy Deformation was the best part of my childhood."

Reddit | TheRoyalMemesYT

Ah yes, as it clearly says, "Ronots in disguise!" If only I had a penny for any time I'd heard that common slogan!

"The soles of these shoes confuses the tracking of the walker."

Reddit | RogerDat143

Sure, you may be able to deceive your various enemies, but at what stylistic cost?!

"This restaurant is only allowed to sell beer if someone buys food."

Reddit | TusBus67

I know that this is just a loophole and a bit of a joke, but seriously, who is buying a deep-fried pickle? Dear lord, that sounds horrendous!

"They put the hip in worship!"

Reddit | SammiWhammi

Oh, and this is the special singalong edition! I hated having to watch the normal version of Sunday School Musical in absolute silence!

"While driving through Philly, I saw a scene from Always Sunny playing out in real life."

Reddit | FunkSiren

He just needs to be cooking some sausages on a bonfire made from a wicker chair and then the image is complete!

"The universe is speaking to me."

Reddit | Valspar21

The kind of world where vending machines can outwardly mock humans more blatantly than by just refusing to relinquish products is not a world that I want to live in.

"Seen on the side of my university's library. Can confirm it didn't work."

Reddit | sarahkaty_t

I wish that this worked! I'd have made a pilgrimage to this very wall immediately. Why tease people like this?

"I'm in an alternate universe."

Reddit | bakernt

Since when have ketchups been horizontal? This is an outrage! And yes, I know there are much more serious issues to be up in arms about, but this is ridiculous!

"A mate found this at his University..."

Reddit | Skaddi

Even though it is just a joke, I really want them to have put a little tiny room behind there, like something from Being John Malkovich!

"My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to 'get stuff for dinner'. This is what she came home with."

Reddit | w3rewulf

The only problem I see is, who has the patience to actually put ice cream in a cone at home? In this house we eat right out of the tub.

"Who uses red paint for a base color for a wood chipper?"

Reddit | ryusomad

At least you hope it's a base color. For all you know, that company is down one employee.

"Looks like someone got their paycheck."

Reddit | DoZeYLoVe

Even with his riches, it's clear he's still...missing something. Looking out onto the ocean wondering what it is he wants that money can't buy him.

"My mom issues addresses for a Parish in Louisiana. One of [the] requirements to issue an address is that the building’s front door needs to be in place. This is what she rolled up to this morning."

Reddit | Nekrofeelyak

While I'm sure the context is right and good, I can't shake the creepy vibe I get. Just don't go through that door, okay?

"I think Ariel might have had a stroke."

Reddit | mrtokenchoke

I bet she's still in shock from losing her arm and having her tail descaled.

"I’m curious what happened to World War 3-10."

Reddit | HunterAdkins13

Everyone's busy laughing but no one is realizing that this is the evidence of time travelers that we've been waiting for!

"Couldn't even get Spam at the store today."

Reddit | Coleberg33

Have you ever wanted off off-meat? Well, now you Kam!

'Heard someone talking loudly outside my window."

Reddit | subterranean__ali

Well if there's one thing we know for sure, it's no baloney, and it ain't no phoney.

"Bass Lightyear."

Reddit | Douzhen_

While I'm sure the Buzz Lightyear POP is in high demand, I don't think you'll be fooling anyone with this.

"2020 is so messed up, even the rainbows can't get it right."

Reddit | chyken

Seriously though, what kind of weather is in this picture? The houses make it look like it is an idyllic sunny day but there are horrific looking clouds everywhere?!

"Microsoft's evil big brother."

Reddit | TheOther36

Who wants to be micro? That means small. We will be mega, which means big. That means we'll be better... Right?


Reddit | acolorfulchaos

The good people over at the Skerples factory aren't even trying to hide the fact that they are just copying off Sharpies! How have they not been sued?!