A Ton Of 'Tarzan' Movie Mistakes Fans Probably Didn't Catch

Disney's Tarzan is a great film for a number of reasons. For one, it has Phil Collins singing his heart out for pretty much the entire film. I mean, what else do you need - right?

But along with an incredible array of musical numbers, there are also plenty of mistakes. Have a look and check out these 10+ mistakes fans didn't notice in Disney's Tarzan.

1. What happened to the scratch marks on Tarzan's chest?


During the scene where Tarzan fights off the leopard, he's dealt a near-fatal blow to his chest. The big cat leaves three distinct claw marks in his chest.

But after the pair fall into the pit and Tarzan emerges victorious, the claw marks are gone.

Furthermore, there's absolutely no blood anywhere.


Yes, I understand it's a kid's movie and that they need to be careful when it comes to violence.

That said, Tarzan kills Sabor by stabbing her with a spear - why not just throw her off a cliff or something?

2. The way that Tarzan communicates makes absolutely no sense.

At first, it appears that the gorillas and Tarzan are speaking English, but this is only for audience effect.

Once jane comes into the picture, we learn that they actually speak in a series of grunts.

If that's the case, then how does he know how to say his name?


The gorillas wouldn't have a vocalization for "Tarzan". So shouldn't he have just grunted at Jane?

That would have made a lot more sense, albeit less romantic.

3. Clearly reloading isn't something that Clayton needs to worry about.


If you pay attention while he's firing off shots with his double-barrel rifle, Clayton pops off at least fifteen rounds without reloading once.

I'm pretty sure that automatic shotguns didn't exist back then, so clearly something is awry.

4. Just exactly how deep is that water?


When Tarzan makes the leap into the lake, the water appears to only be about ankle-high on the elephants.

But then as soon as he breaks the surface of the water, there's a hippo swimming underneath?

5. The wind and rain seem to disagree with one another.


Watch closely during the scene where Tarzan decides to become the new leader of the Apes.

His hair is blowing wildly in the wind, yet the rain seems to be pouring straight down?

6. That's an odd spot to find a lemur?


During the "You'll Be In My Heart" song, you may have spotted a lemur up in the same tree with Kala and baby Tarzan.

Cute as they may be, Lemurs are only found in Madagascar.

7. Hey, what happened to Clayton's shotgun?


Watch closely during the scene where Clayton draws on the chalkboard. As you can see, the scene begins with the gun leaning against the blackboard.

But then as soon as Tarzan takes the chalk and begins drawing, the gun has somehow disappeared.

8. Tantor isn't that heavy.


One of the funnier scenes of the film is when Tantor attempts to climb up the side of the cargo ship. Even if this was possible, the ship still weighs about 100 times more than he does.

Therefore, it shouldn't have budged.

9. Did Kala's wound just magically heal by itself?


Watch during the fight scene with Sabor. Kala receives two distinct claw marks on her right cheek.

But later on, after she's reunited with the gorillas, take a look at the same cheek and you'll find that the wound is gone.

10. A mighty wind.


Terk tells Tarzan that all he needs to do in order to hang out with the gang is to get a single elephant hair.

As they look down at the river below, the same gust of wind is blowing their hair in two different directions.

11. Jane's picture keeps on disappearing.


After Jane initially snatches the drawing back from the baby monkey, she puts it into her belt.

Then, during the sequence where she's being chased by the horde of baboons, it vanishes from sight!

12. Jane's hair is styling itself as the scene goes on.


When Jane begins telling her father about the encounter she's just had with Tarzan, her hair is tied slightly back as it is for the majority of the film.

But a moment later, after Tarzan bursts into the camp, her hair is let down all of a sudden. It even manages to tie itself back up again after the camera cuts.

13. The color of Sabor's ears change color.


There's a lot of action in this scene, so watch closely! Whenever Sabor seems to turn her attention on Kala, her ears are black and white.

If you watch as she attacks Tarzan, her ears are yellow and white.