Quotes For When You Feel Like A Hungry-Hungry Hippo

Amy Pilkington 25 Jul 2020

Food and I have a very love-hate relationship, in that I love it to pieces, but it just loves to line my hips with extra chub. It seems rather unfair, doesn't it?

I know, I know: evolution, storing extra fat for years of famine, blah blah blah. Come on, evolution, catch up to the present where we have vast supply chains and Java Chip Frappuccinos with extra whipped cream.

Yes, I know that willpower is a mark of moral superiority or whatever to those who actually have it.

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You know the ones: always happy to tell you that they had the strength to only eat half of one of the banana chocolate chunk muffins in the break room.

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Which is at least helpful in that it allows you to know exactly who to curse when there is only half a muffin left.

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Even as you secretly understand that it's for the best, since those muffins are basically cupcakes in disguise when it comes to nutritional value and calories.

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Pro tip: never read the calorie info on your favorite muffins. Just live in blissful ignorance.


Seriously, though: every time it's grocery day in the office kitchen, an angel and a devil perch on my shoulders to whisper in my ears while I try not to salivate over the new snack selection.

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The devil wants those muffins and Pop Tarts and Oreos.

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The angel serenely notes that if they aren't available, my limited willpower won't be stuck choosing between those sugary treats and veggies with hummus when the three o'clock munchies rear their head.

The angel is probably right. Stupid angel and their stupid logic saving me from my stupid self on a regular basis.

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