9+ Practical Products That Got A Gorgeous Upgrade

Hi and welcome to my wheelhouse, which is aesthetic versions of everyday items. We're talking salt and pepper shakers, we're talking extension cords, we're talking shower caddies.

See, the stuff we have to turn to for practicality doesn't have to be ugly. If you're a discerning connesieur of aesthetic home goods like I am, then sit back and get ready to hit "add to cart."

This serving board has a secret in its pinky finger.

Doiy Design

First of all, it's Tarot inspired, so it's stunning already. But the pink actually pulls out to reveal a cheese knife! How cool is that? Get it from Doiy Design for $35.

This gold USB hub.


This is a USB-C pass through that allows you to plug in multiple USBs at once, as well as SD cards. Great for those of us who bought a new laptop and realized tech companies hate ports on their computers now, for some reason.

(Lookin' at you, Apple.)

Get it from Satechi for $44.99.

These chic drinking accessories.

Doiy Design

So, let's go through what we have here: a gold snake corkscrew for $17.50, a gold snake bottle opener for $17.50, and a gold snake bottle stopper for $15. And they're all cool as hell.

This stunning black shower caddy.


Those lines! That color! The storage! There's nothing not to love about this shower caddy from Amazon. Pick it up for $26.71 and never have an ugly shower caddy again.

This adorable laundry basket.


Is this laundry basket unreasonably expensive? Yes. I'm gonna be honest with you. But is it the most creative laundry basket I've ever seen? Also yes.

Get it from Anthropologie for $298 (I TOLD you it was expensive!).

This gold toothpick holder.


Guys. That's a toothpick holder. Can you even believe it? This sleek, stainless steel toothpick holder is petite, yet super stylish. Get it on Amazon for $11 and enjoy making your friends go, "That's a toothpick holder?"

This charming salt and pepper set.


So, fun fact: I have these! The black, white, and gold subway tile is such a great throwback look for a mid-century kitchen. Get this set from Anthropologie for $18.

This pastel Keurig.


Why have a black Keurig when you could have a pastel one? I mean, really. This Keurig is a single serve pastel fantasy! Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

This set of matte black cutlery.


Matte black is just such a timeless look, you know? This cutlery set has a more unique shape than most, and it's totally dishwasher safe! Get it on Amazon for $36.97.

This crazy cool banana stand.


This looks like a tree, or maybe even a whale tale! Not only is this a great fruit bowl, it keeps bananas from spoiling the other fruit. Smart. Get it on Wayfair for $34.99.

These stylish wireless chargers.

Luxy Lemon

They don't have to be blocky, clunky chargers! They can be stunning, stone-inspired, works of art that you just happen to put your phone on. Get one from Luxy Lemon for $39.

These incredible hanging planters.


You don't just have to hang up the planter that comes with your plant from Home Depot. Pop it in a gorgeous hanging planter like this one and make a statement! Get a set of two from Amazon for $32.99.

This marble bicycle pizza cutter.

Doiy Design

I mean, do I really need to sell it to you? It's a marble bicycle pizza cutter. It's cute, it's chic, it's charming, and it'll make great decor when it's not fulfilling its destiny of cutting pizza. Get it from Doiy Designs for $24.

This pink power strip.


How cute is that? This power strip actually comes in a bunch of colors, including the pictured pastel blue and grey. Get it on Amazon for $15.63.

This gold toilet seat.

Urban Outfitters

Does anyone need a gold toilet seat? No, but that's beside the point. You'll WANT a gold toilet seat because, well, it's gold! And chic! And it makes your bathroom just a little bit extra. Pick one up at Urban Outfitters.