10+ Best Hidden Easter Eggs In Famous Disney Animated Movies

There's nothing that Disney loves more than to leave little pieces of themselves in their films. They do it both to pay homage and also to promote upcoming movies.

Below is a collection of 10+ of the very best hidden Easter Eggs in some of Disney's most famous animated movies.

Have a look and see how your knowledge measures up!

Young Jim Hawkins from *Treasure Planet* has a very recognizable stuffed toy.


He's sitting atop his bottom wall-self, right beside the stack of books. I'd recognize that cute little monster anywhere: it's Stitch!

Good to know he's still popular, even centuries into the future.

Nani is a huge fan of *Mulan*.


She even had the movie poster hanging on the wall in her room! Here's a question for you: what do you think is Nani's favorite song?

I'm going with "I'll Make A Man Out Of You".

Jane and the Belle have similar taste in tea sets.


It's clearly Mrs. Potts and Chip! This just gives further fuel to the fire than Jane and Belle are somehow related. Could she have possibly been her grandmother?

Or I suppose great-great-grandmother?

Familiar looking bubble-blowing toys in *The Great Mouse Detective*.


Is it just me or do Dumbo's eyes look creepy? There's something unsettling about them, the way they just seem to stare blankly. It's almost sinister.

I always hated this scene as a kid.

Scar is the Nemean lion in *Hercules*.


Slaying the Nemean Lion was one of the 12 Labors of Hercules in Greek mythology. In the tale, after he slays the beast, Hercules wore his skin as a trophy.

This scene is a clever nod to the myth and to The Lion King.

Pongo wants to rock out with Billy Joel in *Oliver And Company*.


I mean can you blame him? Who wouldn't want an opportunity to watch New York's finest pound the ivories?

Pongo is just one of several familiar pooches you can see during this sequence.

Tinkerbell makes a cameo appearance in *The Black Cauldron*.


Start clapping your hands because the fairy dead center is Tinkerbell! I wonder how this actually works in the timeline of things?

Was this where Tink was hanging out before she found her way to Neverland?

The greatest video game characters of all time in *Wreck-It Ralph*.


In my youth, I spent a lot of time inside an arcade. For those born after the year 1995, arcades were once these big giant buildings filled with video games!

Bad-Anon contains characters from Super Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat, as well as my all-time favorite - Street Fighter!

Even Lady and the Tramp are looking for the lost puppies in *101 Dalmatians*.


You can tell it's them by the fact that the Tramp still has his red collar and Lady is wearing her blue one!

They rush into the street and begin barking into the night.

How do Rapunzel and Elsa know each other in *Frozen*?


You might not have caught it at first because of Rapunzel's new brown hairdo. But it's her without a doubt.

I wonder what the story is behind that friendship? Hmm...

Rapunzel had better keep an eye on the spindle of that spinning wheel in *Tangled*.


Keep your fingers to yourself Rapunzel! We've seen how this story goes and the end result isn't pretty.

Just look at her: she's inches away from pricking her finger as it is!

Mickey Mouse managed to sneak into the Power Line concert in *A Goofy Movie*.


I've been saying it for years that "Stand Out" is the best Disney song that's ever been written.

It's validating to know that Mickey Mouse seems to agree with me.

A Beast of burden in *Aladdin*.


Scan the tower carefully, near the very top right. You'll see that one of the Sultan's trinkets is actually a tiny miniature model of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

What Easter Eggs have you discovered? Leave a comment and let us know!

Pumbaa is watching in *The Hunchback Of Notre Dame*.


Congratulations The Hunchback of Notre Dame: you managed to make one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time seem creepy.

That's no small feat and I can confidently say that no other Disney movie could've (or would've) even tried.

There's familiar graffiti on the center field wall in *Meet The Robinsons*.


I suppose calling it graffiti is a bit of a misnomer, but you get the point.

It's the classic scene where Mowgli and Baloo are cruising down the river while singing "The Bear Necessities" in The Jungle Book.