10+ 'Tangled' Mistakes Fans Probably Completely Missed

Without a doubt, Tangled is one of the more underrated Disney films. This modern twist on a classic fairytale is incredibly heartwarming and sets a great example for strong female characters.

Among its many accolades are a plethora of errors. Some obvious, others not so much. See for yourself and check out these 10+ mistakes fans didn't notice in Tangled.

1. How did Flynn manage to flip over?


As you can see, Flynn's all tied up with nowhere to go! He's also very clearly lying on his left side while he's talking to Rapunzel.

Keep your eyes locked on him as the camera cuts.

All of a sudden he's now on his back? How did he manage to do that while tied to a chair?


Rapunzel is able to pull him up to a fully seated position. But as we just saw from the previous frame, that should have been impossible.

2. What happened to the cut on Flynn's hand?


While he and Rapunzel are trapped inside the caves, Flynn gets a nasty cut on the palm of his left hand.

But after they escape and are catching their breath on the riverbank, the cut is nowhere to be seen.

3. Where's the blood?


This is more than likely a purposeful omission, rather than a mistake. Showing the blood could have resulted in a PG-13 rating for the film, thus alienating a significant portion of the audience.

Still, it's a little silly considering we just watched Mother Gothel stab Flynn.

4. Wasn't there a painting on the pot?


Pay attention to the clay flower pots outside of Rapunzel's window. The vase to the left of the window has bright blue flowers painted on the front of the pot. You can clearly see them when Pascal is trying to hide.

But just moments later, when Rapunzel begins to sing and throws open the shutters, the flowers have vanished!


Whoops! I guess the animators decided that the decal was just too tedious to keep for the rest of the scene. Still, they should have just scrubbed it entirely.

5. The strands of hair in Rapunzel's face keep moving around.


When Rapunzel first falls to the ground, after Flynn is stabbed, you can clearly see several strands of hair fall into her face. After the camera cuts back to Mother Gothel and then to Rapunzel, her hair is neatly tied back.

6. Mother Gothel's hands are just like they were when she was young.


Which is odd, considering they were one of the first parts of her body to turn pale-white as the life essence was sucked out of her.

Clearly someone wasn't paying attention when it came time to animate this scene.

7. Did that horse just change colors?


You're going to want to focus on the horse on the far right. As you can tell from this image, the coloring on the animal is a dark grey.

Keep watching and you'll notice something odd happen right before your eyes.

All of a sudden, the horse changes from grey to a deep chestnut brown.


It happens quickly but a careful eye will allow you to spot it. Clearly the animators were trying to isolate and draw attention to the lead horse.

A nice try but no luck, unfortunately.

8. Wasn't Flynn's hand shackled just a second ago?


It sure looked like it, but then as soon as he lifts his hands to stroke Rapunzel's face - the irons that were just adorning his wrist are now gone.

Is Flynn's alter-ego Houdini?

9. How does Flynn move his hand?


When Flynn 'dies', you can see that the palm of his right hand is resting, turned upward. After he's magically revived, his hand is shown flipped over.

If he was dead, how could he rearrange his hand?

10. Banging on the ivories.


He wasn't kidding when he sang "tickling the ivories till they bleed!" This hook-handed thug destroyed the piano before our very eyes.

There's no way he'd be able to continue to play the instrument. That's obvious, isn't it?

Obviously not! Somehow, the piano is still in working order - even though we literally just watched old Hook Hand destroy it.


I've heard of player pianos but this is ridiculous! Also, and I know that this is off-topic, but I never realized how truly terrible the "I've Got A Dream" song is that's sung in this scene.

11. Matches didn't exist back then.

There's a scene in the film where Rapunzel uses a matchstick in order to light some candles.

This would have proven incredibly difficult, considering the film takes place in 1780 and matches weren't invented until 1805.