8+ Unique Houseplant Displays To Upgrade Your Home Decor

Plants make the perfect home decor and here's why: they're fresh, they're good for the air, they're pretty, and... I mean, I feel like I don't need to keep listing reasons. There's no downside to having plants in your house.

But how do you display them? How do you make them look cute and stylish, instead of like a random tree in the middle of your room? Here's how.

Let's start off simple: hang those bad boys up.

This is the easiest way to turn a plant into a really interesting decor moment. Find an interesting planter to hang it in, like this macrame one!

Get creative with your pots.

You can either shop for new, fun pots for your plant friends, or you can decorate your own! Either way, you're exercising your creativity. Proud of you.

Keep them all in one place.

Plant carts are a big thing, like this cute one! I love that it only has two levels, and I love that the bigger, trailing plants are on top!

Start small.

Adding in a small plant in a pretty pot will really help you on your plant journey. Once you've gotten an idea of how you want plants to be incorporated into your home, you can start getting more!

Give them a shelf moment.

Now this is a shelfie. Interspersing plants with other decor items and books is a great way to avoid a space looking overcrowded with plants. Yes, that is definitely a thing. You'll see.

Add one statement plant to an area devoid of decor.

The tops of shelves or storage areas are great places to put a plant. This one sits on top of a wicker organizer, and it looks great trailing over the books under it!

Get creative with how you hang them.

This is a great, sturdy way to hang a lot of plants at once, but with minimal holes in your ceiling. Those trailing Monstera leaves look so fire!

Give them their own little shelf.

A-frame ladder shelves are super trendy right now, and they're the perfect place to put plants! I mean, how chic does that look in front of the window?

Add some to your bathroom.

A lot of people add greenery to their bathrooms, and it's easy to see why: There's already a natural element to bathrooms, what with the water and all.

Use plants to introduce a metal element to your room.

I think we all know how versatile and stylish planters can be. Use them to introduce some metal to a room, especially in a different tone!

Use the world's tiniest shelves to show off your plant friends.

Tiny circle shelves are the ideal place for plants! I know, because I have this exact setup in my house (my shelves are gold, though). It really lets the plants shine!

Do a whole plant wall.

You're ready. I know you are. A living plant wall is the next stage in your plant person evolution, right? So let's get a frame built and some plants on the wall.

Use this renter-friendly solution for hanging plants.

No options for drilling holes in your home? That's okay! Picking out a clothes rack and hanging your plants from that is a really cool, unique way to show off your hanging babies.

Get minimal with some interesting shelving.

Honeycomb shelves are so fun and trendy right now, and it's easy to see why! They're way more visually interesting than a straight-across shelf, and the size of them generally only allows for one statement decor piece at a time. Make it a plant!

Use a large plant to fill that awkward space next to a media unit.

Instagram | @jungleplantclub_

It's hard to know what to put next to your entertainment unit or cupboard. Adding in another piece of furniture clutters the space up fast, and doing nothing leaves a pretty obvious empty space. A plant solves all of those problems!

Propagate in style.

If you're at the propagation station part of your plant journey, congrats! You're way farther along than I am. This cute station is one of many fun ways to display your tiny cuttings.

Frame a non-functional fireplace with some plant friends.

For many owners and renters, fireplaces are too much maintenance to keep running. One solution? Stage it with firewood, then add some greenery around the hearth!

Do a whole headboard moment.

A lot of people like to have plants in their bedrooms, so why not use them to fill the space above your headboard? They'll get lots of sun right in front of a window.

Create a whole jungle.

I mean, why not? If this is what you're wanting to go for, then I support you. This might be too much for me, but I can totally see how this would appeal to a plant lover.

Add a plant to a cozy reading corner.

Imagine this: you, a cozy chair, a gorgeous plant, a soft blanket, and a really good book. You're all snuggled in and enjoying softly falling rain outside. How great does that sound?

Make plants a part of other decor pieces.

These hanging wall art pieces looked fine on their own, but adding air plants to them really spiced them up! Look for wall pieces that could support air plants for some low-maintenance plant decor.

Pretend you're camping out in the jungle.

This tent-style canopy was cool on its own, but the addition of the plants takes it to a whole other level. I actually really love the potted cactus plants, too! You don't see those in a bedroom too often.